Sunday, July 01, 2007


The holiday here in India has finally come to an end for the kids. They were on school break from for all of April and May. They had a great time at summer camp and learned yoga, coloring, how to wiggle their ears and go he he and ha ha and other important stuff like that.

The first order of business to get ready was the all important new backpack. The search began in the small hamlet, village, of Whitefield, which is the town we live in. The focus of the search was of course, power rangers. The thing about the mind of a 51/2 year old is their ability to focus on one thing and and never let go. We actually saw a power ranger backpack in Whitefield the problem however is that the vendor was selling them from a small stand with no roof, which means that since it is the rainy season that the backpack would not be in real good shape. We then drove around looking for power rangers backpacks in other places only to be reminded by Jimmy that he knows a place in Whitefield where they have them!

The search then changed direction to whatever backpack we saw and then finally to Spiderman. Jimmy tried on several and settled for the largest backpack available in India (see photo). That being done uniforms were then picked up and new shoes bought, Jimmy was ready to go!

Kay on the other hand was perfectly fine with her Dora backpack however she needed new clothes, not just any clothes they had to consist of dresses, skirts and tops that she picked out!

Several skirts were tried and discarded until 5 were chosen with extreme care. The tops of course did not have to match the skirts, I mean anyone can do that, no Kay's had to match her Dora backpack! Apparently the notion or maybe religion, accessories are important , is an inborn female trait, who knows. I know from experience that when Kay decides on something, so it is,Amen!

New clothes, haircut, nails done and a final look at bangles Kay announced that she was ready to go, God save Gopalan!

Billy, well lets just say that he was not going to be outdone. In his current state everything, and I mean everything is his. So seeing Jimmy's new backpack, Kay's new clothes sort of set him off. Being 2 1/2 gives him the accuse to not have to negotiate, just to demand.! So Billy got some new clothes, a "new" recycled Wiggles backpack and a new play car. The car was the important item and he seemed ready, I mean he has no clue what is about to happen .

The day came and we went to the bus where Jimmy promptly jumped on, Kay followed suit and Billy burst into hysterics as he too wanted to take the bus! Billy was finally escorted to school by Tom and Saravana and now we await the verdict!