Friday, July 20, 2007

The phenomenon that is "High School Musical"

WARNING: When reading this blog, remember, we havent seen/touched/heard American pop culture "live" in 12 months....

The kids newest addiction? "High School Musical!" Our great new friends the Herkelman's hooked us onto this. We were looking for non-fighting DVD's to watch and this IS the G'est of the G rated movies. Its basically Grease with none of the adult inuendo and with real kids instead of 30 year olds playing kids (Kiniky is STILL my favorite although I must admit I am developing a bit of a crush on Troy). There is music, dancing, singing, a good message and of course the Disney "sheen".

We have now watched the movie 1,274 times and have a daily routine. The kids strip down to their underwear (not sure why this is important for DVD viewing, but its critical). They grab their pretend microphones and take their positions. Jimmy is Troy, Kay is Gabrielle and Billy is whoever else is needed in the dance sequence. They all have the hand movements and facial expressions DOWN to a science. Then the music starts. We dont seem to be too concerned about the plot as they fast forward from one dance sequence to another. This is nice because it cuts the 90 minute movie down to a managable 50 minutes. The kids sing, dance and sweat up a storm.

If we can ever figure out how to attach a movie to our blog, we will post our favorite (Billy's dance routine). (Gary S - are you out there?)

In the meantime, enjoy the "snaps" of our future American Idol contestants!!