Sunday, June 24, 2007

My birthday weekend!! :)

Thank you for all the wonderful wishes! Many of you asked what I did for my 1st Indian birthday as well as my 1st annual 39th:) It was PERFECT!!!

I took the day off so I was not a Target team member for the day:)
But... I did get 6 ouquets of flowers from work. My house looks like a florists. Its beautiful!

I got up, went for a run, took Billy to the airplant museum (Billy "Wow, Holy Cow, Look at dat airpane! Wow! A Helicoper, Wow, Holy Smokes, Wow !! ) then I picked Kay up from school and we went shopping (bought a new pair of jeans, shoes and a tshirt) had lunch and got our nails done. Then after a hour rest I took Jimmy to Shrek 3 where he proceeded to eat a foot long hot dog a box of popcorn a chocolate milkshake and an orange pop. Then he said, "can I have another hot dog, I'm still hungry". It was his 1st real movie theather experience and he was very very good. Then, I came home to LOTS of home made cards and presents, cake and champange. Tom gave me 4 photo albums - 1 from the last year here, and then 1 for each of the kids, PLUS he printed out our entire blog and put it in a nice hard cover folder. Plus... I got a spa certificate, 2 books and money from my parents (which will promptly go toward the new clothes I bought). But, the best part was the really really nice card and letter my Mom and Dad wrote. Then a friend stopped by for a drink and ended up staying for dinner. ALL and ALL a PERFECT day.

Saturday I got my hair cut and colored as there is NO way I was going to be 39 and have a boring hair cut. I had the style and color all picked out and had many many pictures of what wanted. 4 hours later .... my hair looked NOTHING like what I requested. But... it also wasnt boring or conventional. The stylist was convinced it looked exactly the way it should ..."Ma'am you look 10 years younger" "See its the same" Needless to say, it is cute (I think....) but its very red and sometimes orange depending on the light. She kept saying "no...its copper". Really, its not Ronald McDonald red, but a cute dark Jan Reagan red. The fact that I asked for blond hightlights didnt seem to phase her. Billy told me Saturday he "didnt like it" but then changed his mind on Sunday and said "I like your hair mommy". I dont recognize myself in the mirror and Tom thinks they did a Wife swap on him... I'll try to get a cute picture to post.

That night we had an Indian Catholic wedding reception and a party. The wedding reception was like a Wisconsin VFW, explosion in pink affair. They even played Roll out the Barrel. Good fun:) The party was also a great time with terrific food and music I hadnt heard in ages (actually new cutting edge stuff, not 80's)

Sunday was happy/sad as the 1st 2 families we met when we moved here (met them both the 1st day we arrived) are moving this week (Debbie, Simon, Freddie and Hope to Conneticut and Carol back to Canada) so ... we had brunch at the Taj West End with them...all you can drink
champagne brunch with shrimp, scallops, cavier,oysters on the 1/2 shell and filet mignon. But.. everyone kept eating hot dogs. It was hysterical. It turns out they had German sausages and mustard flown in for the weekend and you can tell that's a big luxury and that was what everyone had on their plates while the seafood went ignored:) It was WAY fun and WAY spendy. But... it was our last chance to spend such a high rent Sunday with people we love:)
It took forever to say goodbye. There were hugs, more hugs, kisses, goodbyes, pictures, more hugs, promises to text message, email, etc... Finally, in the car on the way home, Jimmy said "wow, I'm really going to miss Freddie. This is hard." Yep, it is hard. We finished off the busy and outstanding weekend with a Taco Salad and a 9:00pm bedtime.

Very very nice.