Monday, July 16, 2007

Kay Marie Jeon Murphy Turns 4!!!

The day stared out as all days do getting the kids up, sticker awards from the previous day along with breakfast and getting ready for school, however on this day things were different.

"Mommy, Daddy I can do it myself because I am 4".

Kay has had a very fun filled, trying but for the most part great year.

She learned to go to the potty ON the potty, YEAH! She learned more than anyone knows about coloring and painting so much so she has to wear a painting shirt every time she paints. She rides a bike, loves to wear dresses, make up, dancing and singing, teasing her brothers and her new most favorite thing, the beauty parlor.

So when we had our party planning session with Kay about her party she was very specific.

The girls will be downstairs and we can go to the beauty parlor. We can get our nails done and make up then when we go home the boys can be upstairs only if the bring me a present!

So the invitations were "created" and Kay passed them out and wanted to tell everyone to bring her a present, being the lady she is, when she found out that it was impolite to ask for a present, she then informed everyone the could not get into the party without the invitation! A shrewed way to ask for something.

Then the afternoon of the party tragedy almost struck, Kay woke up from her nap with a fever and temp and as they say here in India, "she is not well". We consulted with Kay as what we should do, Daddy offered" Kay we can cancel the party until tomorrow" to which Kay's reply was " Will it be my birthday tomorrow" Daddy said " no today is your birthday" "then we have the party today!", enough said.

So filled with Tylenol and battling a fever the party was on!

Kay had a great time at the beauty parlor, came home to this odd combination of Barbie meets Batman decorations and cake. She tore through her presents had cake and pizza thanked everyone for coming and then was, finally wore out.

Even Jimmy was impressed. "This was the best party Kay, thank you, I really had fun!". No kidding, he said that to her twice! A roaring success:)