Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Me.my nuk and my EYE

Now that the summer has finally wound down my siblings are off to school I can finally get out amongst my peeps! I am having the time of my life here in jolly old India.! I have been touring with Eddie and Tina the fabulous musical duo from Romania,practicing sitting on a throne, for one day I will be king! I went to a wedding in my new outfit that my Dad thought was so cool he put it on the blog twice!! The neighbor lady has the exclusive rights to distribute chocolate donuts here in Palm Meadows and she needed some one to try them out, they got the thumbs up from me. So far I have not encountered another person on this continent who has a nuk. I am currently going through a phase where I need a certain color nuk at a certain time and if my Mom and Dad do not respond fast enough I have a fit!! ( I can I am practicing to be a King)
I have started talking more and can say Moma, Dada, Jimmy,Kay, kneel before me and other cool words. I still have to nap during the day and take full advantage of the attention I get when everyone else is at school.
I no longer eat from a bowl but use a plate exclusively and I also use a fork, spoon, or knife, which ever makes the most mess. I love to eat rice and then laugh and spit it back out, it makes the grown ups move real fast. I am reading books, and learning my ABC's,how to count and my driver Saravanna thinks I am the smartest in the world. I really love puppy's and stop everyday on the way to the bus stop to play with gus and birdie, two dogs in the neighborhood. Saravanna told my Mom that for my birthday he would buy me a puppy!! Please MOM:)
I am off to a nap and then dinner I hope you are all well and I miss and Love you all. wink,wink!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

A message from the middle child

It has been an incredibly hard Month with all this going on about my older brother, no need to mention his name, what with all the publicity that he has been getting and to top it off my Dad says that the reason I have been unable to get online and send this message is because the computer cables had to be replaced, come on where in India stuff like, that doesn't happen,any way I have a few things to say and update you on....
First of all I am still cute as hell, smart,incredibly funny, gifted athletically, and used to getting my own way.
I too have a bike and unlike the above mentioned brother, mine has hand brakes and gears, whatever those are. I can move my petals forward and backwards they tell me, but at this point I have chosen to only move them backwards which means I basically have a stationary bike which is fine, less falling off potential.
I also am going to school but unlike my brother who chooses public transportation I am taken by the driver and the rest of my staff, everyday . I am coloring, painting and playing with the rest of the kids, very enthusitically, according to my Mame, Glaydis.
I have also been taking care of Billy and keeping him out of trouble. He is my baby brother only from the standpoint that he is younger than me otherwise we are about the same size. I can talk more than him and sometimes you can even understand what I am saying, aren't you proud of me!!
Sometimes I have to jump out of my bed and into Billy's crib during nap time, which I am told tries mt Dads patience, however if Billy is crying or needs me that is what big sisters do!

All this monitoring of the house makes me very hungry so I had my people take me to the Taj West. That is the hotel we stayed at when we first arrived here for yunch,(lunch).

They have so many things on the menu it was hard to choose. So after careful consideration, I asked if it wasn't to much trouble could they please make mine a CHEESEBURGHER!!

Sometimes trying to get these pictures in the right order is hard, so just deal with it.

I will write again soon.

I miss you all and love you!!

Kay Kay

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Religon and Spirituality

Ok... this one is for all our spiritual guides. Any one else that thinks we are flaky or heathens, log off now...

So, I've been thinking a lot about spirituality lately . Maybe it comes from not have a church "home" here in Bangalore. While we have been listening to the CD's from Spirit in Action (boy do we miss you guys!) its not quite the same community feeling:) What is cool though is how much spirituality is here. They joke that there are 1 billion people and 1 billion gods in Hindu. They believe everyone has a personal god. Of course I have to put my twist on this. If God is in each of us and we are each god agents ("we are how God gets around") then this concept of 1 billion gods in India is pretty right on!

Sprituality is ingrained in everyday life in a way that you dont see in the U.S.

~ My new favorite super hero/cartoon show is "Avetar" He's an Indian "boy" that has come back after 100 years to spread peace and fellowship amongst all people. Each week he finds people that arent getting along or are fighting, by the end of the show, they understand each others point of view and have stopped warring. He does it without weapons, violence or even harsh words. The best part is, he doubts his ability to do it every time, but then it does all work out when he goes with the flow.

~ On any given day, you see Muslims, Hindus and Christians, all intermingling and getting along. On the way to work, I pass 2 Catholic churches, 15 Hindu temples (ranging in size from a small concrete statue to a HUGE multi colored building) and hundreds of people in marks on their head or with the traditional Muslim coverings.

~ Hindu is an intensely personal religon. You dont "have" to go to church everyday or even at all. Most have a small alter in their home and they pray before it as they wish. However, with how personal it is, it is also very public. You can tell which god they are worshipping by the marks they wear on their foreheads (the kids new favorite "game" is to color each others foreheads red). They have a blessing ceremony (or pooja) for EVERYTHING. A new car, blessing ceremony. A new house, blessing ceremony. A new water filtration system, blessing ceremony. A co workers 3 year old even wanted to have a blessing ceremony for his new trike. Then, after the ceremony you drape garlands of flowers all over the vehicle/house/etc and drive around.

~ On a final note, there are more holidays here than you shake a stick at and they are ALL spiritual. The latest, Ganesha, celebrates the God that has an elphant head. He rides on a rat. This signifies his ability to use his ego as a tool vs being driven by his ego. This way he can act in the highest spiritual sense at all time.

Think about it.