Monday, July 09, 2007

No Fricking Way Man

Two days after we moved into the Taj West End last year this wonderful lady and her two children moved in down the hall from us.

Carol her daughter Lauren and her son Josh relocated to Bangalore from Montreal to be here for two or maybe three years and we all became fast friends. We share a love of Bangalore and India for that matter, good food, family, good wine (which we can not get here) does not mean we do not try, and having fun.

Carol’s husband David stayed back in Montreal for work however his visit’s to Bangalore always brought great laughs and awesome going away parties!

In fact at one of the parties our mutual friend Petra from Germany lead us in a rendition of “ So long Farewell Auvierdersien Goodbye” which actually brought tears to David's eyes!!

It was with great sadness the day Carol found out that she would be leaving Bangalore after only 11 months and be returning to Montreal.

Carol you are missed.

Her love of the people, India and saying what ever was on her mind meant you always knew where Carol was on any topic because you would hear he say “ you have got to be shitting me" or “no fricking way eh!”

To Carol, David, Lauren and Josh thank you for all you gave us while you were here and for our continued friendship as we all move into the next stage of the journey!
The Loud Americans.