Sunday, July 01, 2007

Safe Travels

One year ago we landed in Bangalore somewhat lost, confused, excited and a little scared as to what were we thinking?! The very first day we were here we went to wander around the hotel grounds only to find there was this terrific champagne brunch going on along with games and activities for the kids. Amidst all this we met a couple from the UK named Debbie and Simon.

Debbie was extremely nice (and still is) and got me steered towards the OWC, gave me her mobile number and set up play dates with her kids, Hope and Freddie (whom Jimmy and Kay became fast friends with) AND explained the inner workings of Bangalore .... all within about 30 minutes of meeting us. Tracy and I were and still are extremely thankful for Debbie and Simon's friendship and help.

We have since become great friends and have spent the past year getting together at least once if not twice a month for BBQ's, swimming, and general good times. We would share travel stories and restaurant information and talk about our kids. We just really have fun together.

So it was with great joy when we heard the news that they were going to be leaving Bangalore and moving to the US! Simon will be taking a position overseeing two office's in the New York area and they will be living there for at least two or three years, which means we will be able to see them when we get home.

It was also with great sadness when we had to wish them safe travels. We all decided that we would not say goodbye as we are planning a great reunion in the US when we return. Debbie sent us a text message when they reached the UK which said "I could now delete her from my phone now, a mail now and then would be nice". I can say that we will never delete them from our contact list and we will be sending them our love and best wishes for their next journey from the UK to their new home in New York.!

Debbie and Simon thank you for your kindness and generosity and when we meet back in Minnesota ,Tracy and I promise you more than a cheese omelet sandwich for dinner!

All our love,

Tom, Tracy, Jimmy, Kay and Billy.