Monday, July 16, 2007

Eagleton Golf Weekend

Well, we had the travel bug, it had been over 6 weeks since our last trip! But.. school is in session, we dont have any long weekends and all the "next" spots on our list are too far away for a 1 night stay. What to do? I know, let's get a golf/spa/ex pat weekend organized at Eagleton!

This actually turned out to be a great idea and in the words of Jimmy Murphy "I love Eagleton, when can we go back?"

Eagleton is about 1 1/2 hours from our house. A round of golf takes 6 hours. So... do the math, it actually made sense to get a room and spend the night. I watched the kids (plus Caden) while the grown ups golfed. Tom even got to go to the driving range the next day.

The "kids group" went to the park , rode a camel (ok, Kay, Billy and I rode the camel, Jimmy and Caden were too scared. Go figure), flew kites (Thank YOU Aunt Tammy), took a golf cart ride and watched Power Rangers Mystic Force. Tom then took Jimmy and Caden swimming when he was done with golf. All and all a pretty good weekend if you are 4 or 5 years old.

The "adults group" golfed. Not sure what else to say here except its a nice course, quiet and each person gets a caddy. (that's a little surreal). Mike proved himself to be the "best new expat golfer" with an 82. Tom was happy with his score, but we wont publish it here as he hasnt golfed in 7 months and its not in the handicap range.

Below is an excerpt from our fabulous neighbors (in red) ... check out their blog sometime at

Keep your eye on our blog though, I promise we'll get better at posting. Next trip? Goa in August. Jimmy is already planning the plane trip is is angling for a new backpack "just for the plane since my school backpack is too big" (see proof in below blogs:) )

In other news, the "girls" had been planning a spa weekend for Saturday that turned into a family affair at Eagleton, a golf resort not far from town but worth an overnight in Bangalore traffic. So we all piled in and I FINALLY got in my first round of golf since moving to India. Who knew life here wouldn't be full of tee times at palm-tree lined courses?? I must not have read that contract very well... Anyhow, it was a great outing even if the golf was a lot rusty and the weather was a little overcast. Turns out golf actually isn't that popular here. But not to worry Dad, Caden is getting the itch also but we've resisted buying the little guy a bunch of sticks with metal clubs at the end and direction to hit hard balls as far as possible... for now. Otherwise, a fun time with great friends and the girls got to ride home in our own car and stop for one of these wonderful all you can eat (and drink) Bangalore brunches. I do say, Bangalore brunch rocks.