Friday, July 27, 2007

Homesick - A study ....

Here's my theory on homesickness....

Is not like a cold - a slightly irritating stuffy nose that you can work around but is always there in the background.

Its the stomach flu - a sudden, overwhelming feeling that brings you to your knees and leaves you reeling for a few days. Not chronic or terminal. Just all encompassing for a short time.

What are the causes?

~An email from a dear friend telling you about a fabulous dinner they had with 2 of your other favorite couples.

~ A co worker stopping you in the hall to tell you "Leona and Shinbee say 'hi'. Shinbee cant wait to be 7 since that's when she'll get to see Jimmy again".

~ Finding out a friend is waiting for test results on cancer and you cant be there to help

~ Realizing that by the time you DO get home, your youngest child will have lived in India longer than any other place in the world.

~ Hearing about the reaction of your favorite restaurant owner (Mrs Choi) when she got the pictures of the kids you hand delivered through a friend.

That's it. The emtional equivalent to the stomach flu. Man... it sucks today.