Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bits and Bites

Lots going on these days, this is a quick snap shot of what we've been up to:)
Tracy had a girls night out with 4 of her friends. What's the big deal, your thinking? Well, these are her best friends from Bangalore and it was the 1st time they were all together in over 4 years!

It felt like it was just yesterday that we were drinking lime sodas salted and getting pedicures. AND...I think you'll agree, we haven't changed a bit:) Stuti was in town for a meeting with Target, Radha has just moved to MPLS on a 18 month expat assignment and Angela made the trek up from Rosemount:)

3rd grade at Meadowbrook comes with a special guest during Black History Month - Solly Hughes. Solly comes in and spends 2 weeks teaching the kids drumming, music and the influence of African Americans on our culture. The kids LOVE it and the week ends with a concert. It was a gas! This was the first year that the thried graders got to perform in front of the whole school, and they did awesome!

Billy's 1st grade class celebrated Black History month by memorizing a Langston Hughes, it was really cute and VERY impressive!
Here is the link :

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The rest of the story....

So heres the rest of the story, or as they say, what happened after that:0
Tom had a surprise dinner in his back pocket - No Manners Meal!
In our house, once or twice a year, we'll have a No Manners Meal, basically a shrimp boil/dump meal. You boil a bunch of shrimp, veggies, potatotes, etc, lay out newspaper on the table, buy a few roles of paper towels and "dump" the cooked food in the middle the of the table. The kids use their hands and are allowed ot burp/toot/not use "please/thank you" the whole meal. Its a riot! Tom embelished it a bit last night with crab legs and brussel sprouts (for Kay). Overall, it was a huge messy success. we all loved it!
It was also Glee night and the Valentines day Glee episode, so we were wrapped in blankets on the couch for some good family TV time (really, its the only family TV we watch all week too busy to watch TV!).

We opened cards and the mini- presents/treats we had gotten each other (tshirts for each of the kids, a tortilla press for Tom - for chapati, and a Lonely Planet Canada book for me). Really nice little gooders. Billy had the best idea to cap the night - an UNO tournament. Kay got out prizes (aka, crap from her room) and we had a knockdown, drag out game. Have I mentioned my kids are competitive?

We also had cupcakes ready, but given it a was 9pm by this time, they'd have to wait for breakfast. Nothing like a little cake, frosting and ice cream before a long day of school:)
What would Valentines be without a visit from the famous Target dog Bullseye!

Big Hugs and Love to EVERYONE!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Do you feel the Love???

I am having a great day (so far)! My wonderful husband made me my favorite breakfast today...

Back story, last week we stayed at a great European hotel in Toronto, breakfast was hard rolls, chutney, cheese, nuts, fruit, yogart, granola, etc ... I mentioned that it was my favorite breakfast of all time ... and guess what .??!!! Thats what he made today, including fresh baked bread. Love it!!

Then, my VERY good friend from Bangalore is in town for work, I havent seen her in 3 years. We managed an impromptu coffee today, are having lunch tomorrow and drinks on Thursday.
When we hugged, I almost cried, it was so good to see her.

Hope you all are having an equally loving V-Day. More to come on the rest of the day!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Update on Jimmy ***

The lad had the time of his life this past weekend and was so worn out he fell asleep standing up, (not literally) but here's what went down:

Saturday morning it was off the the recording studio with his band. Its a three boy band - Jimmy on the drums, Will on the guitar/piano and Isak on the piano/ guitar along with Mr. Kim (instructor). They are still yet an unnamed ensemble but that didnt stop them! We all arrived around 9:00 and got down to work. Our friend Mike was gracious enough to donate his time and the studio. Now if you have never been to a recording session there is a reason they are called a session. That is because it takes a long time to get each of the instruments properly sounded, the mics and voices set and the in between time is well.... boring. Then there is the broken strings on the guitar, busted drum sticks and the like. None the less Jimmy was all in, and he had a blast. Wearing his headphones and realising he was " mic'ed up" and able to hear himself as well as the band mates through his headphones was a kick. He even noted " Hey Dad I can hear Will and he is in a different room, cool!" About 4 hours later they had three songs recorded and on a disk, totally cool. They were amazing and sound a like a REAL band, check it out on the YouTube links below! We'll get copies of the CD's out to anyone that's interested. They did:
Pumped up Kicks
A mash up of Jason Mraz and Train
Adele's Someone like you
(yep, they are a pop band:))
How could a day get better than that?!!!
After a bit of rest, it was off to basketball. Jimmy and his team, the Wildcats along with their returning world champion coach, Coach Milstein, have been on fire. They came out a bit soft in the first quarter and then Jimmy stepped up. He carried the team in the second half scoring in the double digits for the first time ever and ended the game with a fad away 2 pointer and a gigantic smile, what a game. This is especially amazing since they only have 6 kids on their team (5 4th graders and 1 5th grader) and are in a league with 4-6th graders. They are playing up!
Then it was off to his new favorite restaurant, Pachero's. His team mate and side kick Jacob, aka; snowflake (his wrestling name), and his family treated Jimmy to dinner. He came home around 8:30 and talked non-stop for about an hour and then announced, "I have to go to bed". what a day! Oh to be a 10 year old boy!
Next up??? Culture Box......
The fourth graders at Meadowbrooke all have to create a culture Box, which is a white bankers box that gets transformed into a story box about which ever culture/ country the individual chooses. Jimmy chose Costa Rica, because his Aunt Julie moved there about 10 years ago to enjoy the Purda Vida (pure life). He researched and wrote a 3 page overview of Costa Rica and had his box decorated with 10+ artifacts from there. THEN, he had to do a stand up presentation with his whole class. He did a great job! Man, what they put 4th graders through these days:) They girl in the red t-Shirt hand in the air is maned Iza and guess who has a crush on her?
Needless to say, he's doing great. He's busy, has a ton of friends and seems really happy.

We love you Jimmy!