Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lake Vermillion here we come!

It is that time of year again to get the boat tuned up, sort through tackle, life jackets, flashlights and get ready to catch fish, have fun and stay up late!!

The annual fishing trip took a couple of turns this year. First off all it was just Carl and his kids, his friend Jim and the Loudamericans, minus one. That would be the second turn off events as I brought all three kids for the first time, what was I thinking?! To tell the truth I was thinking how fun it would be to have the kids on the water, catching fish, and having a great time.

Tracy left on Friday for the MS 150, (previous blog) while the kids and I packed the boat and car. Carl and his group arrived late Friday night and we had a blast catching up and talking trash about big fish and more big fish. They left early Saturday morning while we ran around and got Kay to her friends birthday/ sleepover, which is why we did not leave until Sunday.

Sunday we set out and I was treated to my first shock of the trip which was how well the kids 'where' and 'how much fun ' we were to have. We got along and the trip which is about 5 hours, went by fast as Kay pointed out, " they say time flies when you are having fun". The cabin is a 2.5 room, one bathroom small kitchen type place and if you have been " up north" before you will understand what I mean when I say the floor was not level, but no mind, there was a dock a lake and that means running and jumping. Now most people like lakes and to swim in them, however there are usually a guideline or two, such as the water needs to be warm and perhaps you need a way out of the water after jumping in, not Jimmy. Right off the dock 62 degree water and he was gone before I even had the car unpacked. Turns out it was a great idea to bring all the kids because while one is not helping the other two are. Kay and Billy, Thing 1 & Thing 2, helped unload the car, make the beds and put away the food, nice!

Carl and the boy's had caught a few fish and so we headed off to an island for a Sunday night fish fry, it was awesome. Johnny started a fire with a wooden bow and a rock and made the fire the old fashion way which we all thought was super cool. Swimming in the lake followed by a bonfire and then bed, it was a great day. Carl and Kay bonded over a can of sardines and they both were in sardine heaven!

The kids spent most of the time in the boat telling stories, making up songs ( see below) and talking about how cool it was to go super fast in the boat. We had a picnic in the boat and even decided that since the fish were not biting it would be cool to jump in and swim instead, so we did. There is a great of fun and bonding to be had on a fishing trip even if the trip does not include catching fish as Billy said, "it is not about how many fish you catch it is about how much fun we had!"

The last night was a full on bonfire complete with fireworks, roman candles and a few (mostly) controlled 'real' fireworks which the kids loved. We had an awesome time with Carl, Jim and the boys and we did manage to catch and bring home enough fish for a fish fry for Mommy's birthday. I was hard pressed to drag Kay out of the boat and old Bill spent his spare time in the boat helping to row while Jimmy was content to watch his bobber. I think it was the best trip I have had in a long time and I am very proud of the kids attitude and demeanor on the trip.

As we said we caught enough fish to fry for Tracy's b-day, more to come!