Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Fathers Day Tom!!

Not only has Tom had an incredible week (as you can see from the fishing and rock concert blog) he has had an incredible year.

He's worked hard to insure the kids are active, happy and healthy. Thanks to him, they are able to be involved in scouts, football, basketball, baseball, gymnastics, piano, drum, rock camp, Korean camp and all the plethera of play dates that they get invited on. He's a fixture at their school and the 1st parent the teachers call for field trips, extra supplies or a helping hand.

He's been active on the board of the Gift of Adoption Fund which had their cornerstone golf tournament on Thursday. This year, thanks to Tom's efforts, they matched the $'s they had raised in the past, the amazing part? This was the 1st year they DIDNT have a major sponsor, Tom drummed it up all on his own.

He's dedicated time and his heart to deep personal reflection and I believe we are in the best place we have ever been as a couple. He's exploring who he is, who shaped him, who he wants to be and most importantly, how he's going to get there. Part of this included making a donation to a local non-profit in honor of his Uncle Don.

What's in store the next year?

Our trip to the Netherlands for Wendy & Annemeik's wedding! Tom has been asked to speak at the wedding and is taking his role very seriously (as he should, he was asked to represent Wendy's "family" :).

He is exploring getting back into the work force and trying to figure out how to combine his love of sales and people with his desire to work in non-profit.

Continuing to be involved and the main support for the kids busy lifes, thats a full time job in itself!

We celebrated Tom and all he is on Fathers Day. It was a day out of Americana, a family bike ride to Dairy Queen, a pick up baseball game in the backyard (Jimmy & Billy beating Jim Fellows and Tom handily - Kay sat out due to a pitch to the face) and pork chops (and applesauce) on the grill.

Happy Fathers Day Tom, you are a wonderful husband, partner and father.

We love you!