Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Aunt Sue here we come!

Memorial Day brings many traditions and perhaps a new one for the Loudamericans, a trip to Green Bay. May people may not place Green Bay Wisconsin on the top of their must see places however it has quite a bit to offer and, most importantly, Aunt Sue is there!

Friday afternoon was Paris days for Jimmy (more on that in the next blog) so we had to wait until the send of the school day to head out. We loaded the car, plus Nikki, picked the kids up promptly at 4:00 and left directly for Aunt Sue's. We actually made great time and managed to make it to Wausau for dinner. PSA: We have over the years offered several public service announcements via the blog and the experience and information in the PSA is a direct reflection of The Loudamericans. In Wausau there is a Wendy's which you must avoid at all costs, if fast food is what you are after. Twice we have "made great time" and stopped here for dinner, for some reason the kids like Wendy's, and each time it was well over an hour before getting back into the car! You know those fast food places where they have to few employees, no real manager to complain to and everyone seems to be oblivious to the line forming at the register and then they look afraid to ask for you order, beware!

We reached Sue's around 10:00 and she was very happy to see us. The kids gave her big hugs and kisses and even Nikki was excited! Being that we were in the car for so long we let the kids watch some old Packer Highlight films and caught up with Sue while we unloaded and made the plans for the weekend.

Saturday was Bay Beach, a circa late 60's amusement park complete with bumper cars, giant slide, a family of ducks waddling around and tickets for each ride, 25 cents! We spent $10.00 for tickets and were ready to go. Kay was fearless and finally an amusement park that had rides she was tall enough to go on, and go on them she did. Sue was brave enough to follow Kay onto the spinning box ride (the video is below). The boys were big into bumper cars, the giant slide and the tilt a whirl, ("I got on it last night and my shirt got caught, and it kept me spinning Sandy, didn't think I would ever get off"... sorry old Bruce Springsteen lyric seqway). We packed a lunch and sat by the park and had a nice picnic complete with cheddar cheese and pretzel's, AHHHH... Wisconsin.

That night we had a BBQ in Sue's back yard complete with burgers for the kids and an awesome salmon creation by Tracy for the adults. Billy and Kay made a "nest" at the end of Sues bed while Jimmy slept downstairs on a comfortable futon in now what is referred to " My man cave", it was a great ending to a beautiful day.

Sunday brought us to Heritage Village, which is just what is sounds like, a recreation of sorts, of an old Wisconsin fur trading post and working farm. The kids complained the whole way there (of course) and then proclaimed it "super cool". We went to a fur trading cabin/store where the people were dressed and spoke in the language of the times (which was French) except that the guy only knew how to say hello in French, "Bonjour", so Jimmy, having come of a month or so of French in preparation for Paris Day, began speaking French with the fur trader who finally admitted he knew no more French and kindly ask Jimmy to stop stealing the show. We visited a working farm complete with a chicken coop, pig sty and an old oxen, we had a blast. There was even a wedding going on, complete with a horse drawn carriage. VERY cool!

We dragged the kids out of there and headed back to Sues for yet another BBQ, more fun and laughs and of course old packer Football highlights. We all slept in on Sunday and headed to Happy Joe's for all you can eat pizza and salad. They have the BLT pizza that is out of this world as well as the traditional Wisconsin salad bar complete with bacon bits and peas, AHHHH.... Wisconsin.

Thanks you Sue for the great time and sharing Green Bay once again with the Loudamericans!

Happy Memorial Day!