Thursday, June 02, 2011

Final MS 150 Training/Fundraising update

Here's the 1 week count down update!!

Fundraising - going GREAT! It turns out I am in 'Club 150'. I had no idea wha that meant, Wendy looked it up and it turns out I'm 1 of the top 150 fundraisers for the event. That's cool! Thanks to all of you that made this happen! I have raised $1750 so far and have a week to go, its not to late to participate:) (hey, thats a rhyme)

Training - the weather FINALLY broke and I have been spending every extra free minute on my bike, hoping its not too late. Got in a couple long rides on our weekend to Green Bay and am planning rides after work and this weekend. Fingers crossed that it'll be enough to make the actual ride fun vs hard work. (Either way, I know we'll finish, the question now sore will we be?)

Team - Our team through work is now 80+ members and we are sponsoring the finish. Should be lots of cool branded 'stuff' along with the fact that we are going to have a tent with food/beer at the half way mark. This feels like a MAJOR upgrade from what Wendy and I used to do in the beginning (steal snacks from the rest stops and wrap wine in a garbage bag in our sleeping bags). Sort of the Ritz Carlton of ride support, I'd say. Should make this year even more fun.

My next post will be an update on the ride itself.

Happy June!