Wednesday, June 08, 2011

It's the end of school and I know it

And I feel fine, really.

Otherwise known as...104 days of summer vacation ....

Bonus points to anyone that can name those 2 songs:)

The end of school this year was celebrated with a Paris Day, a sing a long, a trip or two to the zoo, Girl Scouts in a parade, and dinner at Mirror of Korea!!!

Billy ended school this year with a class singing performance just shy of Grammy caliber. The Kindergartner's worked with Mr. Barry to produce several great songs and dance numbers which were quite cute ( see video below). Bill then headed to the zoo for a day with his classmates and his Dad in tow. The kids saw dolphins, ants, turtles and even rode on the monorail, quite "awesome" according to Bill. His favorite "animal" the eel - eewww!!

So it is with great pride that we announce Billy Murphy is now a first grader!!! Watch out Mrs VanBatavia!

Way to go Bill!!

Kay was very busy finishing up school this year with girl scouts, a trip to the zoo and more girl scouts. Kay and her classmates did a rerun of Billy's zoo trip and of course they had fun. It was a busy group so much so we missed the dolphin show however we managed to see most of the zoo and stay out of the water!

Kay had a blast with the girl scouts this year making several badges and carrying the flag in the Golden Valley "Day" Parade. All smiles and in the rain! She worked very hard this year and with great accomplishment she is doing great in reading and math!! So now Kay bids a fond farewell to the likes of grade 2 and embraces all that it means to be a 3rd grader! We are proud of you Kay, well done.

As the song goes " He went to Paris looking for answers to questions, that bothered him so".... (another bonus point on that song) Jimmy and the 3rd graders ended with the 20th Annual Paris Day, an what a day, or I should say couple of weeks it was. The class created a Paris Style Restaurant, which he was, Mater D' complete with a full course menu, one item to note on the menu, Milk $5.00 and Wine $4:00, it is France after all.

The kids put on a fashion show, had a Tour de France with their bikes in the bus lot, played with stilts and bouche ball and the parents turned the cafeteria into a sidewalk Paris market, complete with a mime, great fun! So at 4:05 on June 3rd Jimmy announced " I am now a 4th grader", Way to go Jimmy and with full marks! We are proud of you!

We made a trip to Mirror of Korea to celebrate with Tracy's Aunt Lynn and her son, Tracy's cousin Dan, his wife Sarah and their kids Lola and Astrid. We visited and the kids ate once again like it was their last meal. We always have fun when we get together with them and this time was no exception, it was the perfect ending of school and beginning to the summer. Thanks to them for a great time.

So speaking of Summer have a great one and more to follow......