Monday, June 13, 2011

Another year...another 150 miles:)

Well, we did it! Wendy and I, along with 80 of our team mates finished, whew!!

Overall it was a record breaking year:

~ The Target team grew from 10 to 80 riders (thats 12,000 miles!)

~ The Target team raised over $40,000 of MS

~ The ride raised over $2.7 MILLION

~ I raised $2,305 (well over my goal of $2,000, I might have to up my goal next year!

~ I was part of Club 150 - top fundraisers from 2010

The weather was PERFECT! High 50's on Saturday, overcast with a slight tail wind. We started the day at 6:00am (butts on bikes) and raced through the day at an average of 17 mph. We finished by Noon and were massaged, showered, tented and ready to celebrate with our team mates at the Target tent. Hamburgers, brats, Bocca burgers, Archer farms snacks and beer. Its was ALL good. Annemeik and Lucy even came to cheer us on:)

Sunday started out in a similar fashion at 6:20am (butts on bikes), but the temp quickly started to rise and the head wind picked up. It was lows 70's by 9am, with a 5-10 mph headwind and I was getting nervous (nothing worse than riding your bike in the blazing sun into a headwind) but... the clouds prevailed, it cooled down (high 60's) and I managed to ride directly behind Wendy the whole way (thus avoiding the wind). You might want to ask her how her ride was, mine was manageable thanks to her! We averaged 15-16 mph and finished about 12:15pm, not bad for a couple of girls in their 40's!!

A few interesting side notes of the weekend:

~ Jan (friend of Wendy's from church) drove us up to Duluth and we had our traditional 'Lil Angies mexican feista with Dick and Cathy. THANK YOU JAN!!

~ Our latest tradition is to count all the white cement polar bear lawn ornaments as we ride through White Bear Lake (last leg of the ride before the finish). This year we got to 60! keep in mind, we counted 60 polar bears in just 7 miles. Makes you wonder....

~ We met someone that was riding their 30th MS 150, that's dedication!

~ We saw riders of past years and people we know through "friends of friends", pretty amazing when you consider there are 3,900 riders and 2,000 volunteers.

Thank you for ALL your good vibes, dances to the weather gods, insipiration, support, money and friendship. You make it ALL worth it!!