Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Boys of Summer

Baseball, who knew how many rain delays, cancellations and the like we would have to endure this year, crazy.

The Marlins came together as a team early this Spring and right out of the gate they were 2 and 0, slipping as the season slowly dragged on to the depths of the standings... a disappointing 2 and 10. Not to worry with Jimmy on the team the Marlins team spirit did not waiver. The other parents giving Jimmy high praise as he spurred the team onward, " Who are we, We are the Marlin's, give me M...., " the team hung in there.

The season dragged on like the winter and there was a game in late May where the temp at game time was 34 degrees! The kids pitching came out of the dirt and started to find the catchers glove, the boy's opened their eye's and the ball met the bat, the pop fly and ground ball found the mitt and the boy's slowed down and there throws found the mark, the times they were a changing!

The Marlins finished , 4 and 10 and entered the playoffs as a long shot. The playoffs were two fold one inner league play and the other city league play. The Marlins went down swinging in the first round of inner league play but they were not discouraged. They came back in the first round of city league play and took the first game away from St. Louis Park with a well deserved forfeit, we were on the way!

Game two was a hard fought battle over Hopkins. The game tied at 2 a piece the Marlins, the home team were up in the bottom of the second, 1 out runners on first and second, next up Jimmy Murphy. He stepped into the box look around squared up and ball one. Jimmy looked down the pitcher, strike one, not swayed Jimmy stepped back in, let out a deep breath raised his bat, SMACK, the ball flew over the right fielders head two runs score Jimmy (all teeth), a stand up triple, all was well in kid-dom. The Marlins went on from there to win 12 to 3 and were all of a sudden 2 and o !
Game three was played against the Hamel Heat, a name derived no doubt from the velocity of there two pitchers. Now not to complain because the boy's played well, however in the city league play the rules and ages are a bit different our team is made up of 9 and 10 year old, where the Hamel rules call for 10-12 years, that said the battle was on. The Heat was up 10 to 1 after, after 5 it was 11 to 6. Now in the rules a team can get no more than 5 runs an inning, which means if you are behind by more than 5 going into the 6 inning or your last at bat, game over. Which was the fate that befell the Marlin and brought an end to the season.

The boy's will be celebrating the season with a party at our house.

Great season " Way to Go Marlins !"