Sunday, June 28, 2015

G4G Pride and Grandma/Grandpa

Every year Tom helps organize a golf tournament for Gift of Adoption. Its held at Troy Burne in Hudson and boast 34 4somes, 34 local sports celebrities and the best time to be had all summer.

This year didn't disappoint.

Tracy's parents came in to play with Jim's best friend from jr high Aubrey.  They were joined by Dick and Les, good friends of ours and .... (drum roll) Stu Voigt. Turns out that while Stu was a Viking, he's actually a closet Packer having grown up in Sconnie and played for the Badgers. To say this 5 some hit it off is an understatement.  Patty and Bunny drove the golf cart (aka beer cart) and helped shuttle 3 13 boys on the prowl for celebrities around the course.

This was the 1st year we decided to have kids help volunteer.  I think we underestimated how much work that would be. Tracy and Kay worked the club check in counter and the boys (Anders, James, Jimmy, Billy, Sam and Sean) ran the clubs to the right cart. This is hard work when the clubs are bigger than you and also weigh more but... they got them all secured on the carts and nothing was damaged.  

Jimmy and Jim Fellows were also interviewed for Jim's book "Itty Bitty Soul" on Rod's TV show. Jimmy had some classic answers ...

Who's in charge in your family - Me
How does it feel to be the tallest person in your family - Empowering
Do you have girlfriends - yeah (said with a snicker and a smile)

He's destined for TV and has the 1 word answer down pat.

It was a super fun day and we cant wait until next year!!

Then...not to be outdone (and in keeping with our family mantra of busy busy busy) we signed up to walk in the Pride Parade. This is a HUGE deal this year because of the Supreme Courts ruling that gay marriage is legal EVERYWHERE in the US. Woo Hoo!
We walked with Target and passed out sunglasses and beaded necklaces. We ran into Wendy and Annemiek and it was fun to be a part of history (plus we got really cool shirts)

Grandma also taught Kay to sew and they made Jimmy a pair of pj pants plus the grandparents got to see a killer 13yr old AA baseball game (Jimmy caught and pitched and stole bases and scored but alas, we didn't win) see Kay in action at gymnastics and Billys TKD (weapons and sparring)

It was a really fun 4 days and I hope they come back next year - same time, same place - for more:)