Monday, June 01, 2015

Baseball, Biking, Sue and our anniversary

This weekend was crazy, busy and relaxing! 1st up - we are in 13 AA baseball seasonl tournament hell. I think we have a baseball tournament 3 of the 5 weekends between now/end June. Thats in addition to his regular 2 games a week. To give you a flavor... In a tournament, there is always a Friday night game (in the rain! they had to dig trenches to move the water off the field - see photo
), followed by 2 games on Saturday. Depending on Saturdays performance, you can have up to 3 games on Sunday. Thats a lot of baseball! Jimmy played well this weekend with a triple (scoring 3 runs) and tagging a runner out at home base (he LOVES playing catcher). Its so fun to see the boys improve and really gel as a team. The only issue (besides the # of games...) is that these tournaments are NOT close to home. This week was in Ham Lake (45 min north) and next weekend St Michael (45 min north west) so...they really do command your attention for the whole weekend. Good thing the parents are lovely and the team full of great kids!!

On top of this, we are in the final countdown to the MS150 and Tracy needs to get mileage in on her bike. The ride is 6/12 and we are now down to 1 weekend of training. Last weekend the weather was great, low 60's sunny and she was able to get in 25 miles both Sat and Sun between games. It'll be nice when "all" we have on a weekend is 6 baseball games:)

In true Sue fashion, she came in to town to reconnect and see the kids in action. She was able to see 3 of Jimmy's games, an intense weapons and sparring practice at Billy's taedowndo and was in awe of Kay's new gymnastics skills. She also was a chaperone at Billy's field trip to Nickelodean World (the class reward for each reading 20 books this school year) and helped us celebrate our anniversary. Its always wonderful to have her around and this was the perfect weekend for it! I'm sure she's thoroughly exhausted but we have her coming back in July for Kay's birthday and the state baseball tournament:)

Since it was our anniversary (17 years - yikes!) Kay got busy. She planned and cooked a full menu and it was AMAZING!!! Argula/watercrest salad with beets, pomegrantes, feta and balsamic. Lamb chops on the grill with saffron rice and grilled corn with creme fraiche. It doesnt stop there...we also have berry triffle for dessert. OMG it was so yummy and gorgeous, beautifully plated on our wedding china! Kay, you are a master chef!!

This week is the final week of school and the kids are thrilled for SUMMER! They spent all day yesterday "practicing" for summer. Kay got up at 9am, backed a backpack of snacks, got out her bike and said ...see you when its dark, I'm outa here! Then, she and Billy literally played outside ALL day with Ella, Cole, Ace and Bjorn (all neighbor kids). I LOVE IT!! totally the way it should be when you are a kid and its summer. I think we are all more tired today now that we've lived through the weekend. 5 days of rest (aka work) and then we are back at it again:)