Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day!!

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful dads out there!! Tom, Jerry, Jim, Jim F, Jeff, David, Wade, Mike, Carl, Pete, Steve, Craig, Niel, all the coaches and teachers, the kids birth fathers, the kids foster fathers ... our kids are blessed with so many great dads in their lives.

A special huge call out to the resident LoudAmerican dad. Tom - You cook, clean, drive, befriend, advise, support, sell, scold, fix, make, celebrate, joke and bless us with who you are.  Not just our family but our neighbors, friends and relatives. There were many a kid that would have gotten to their practice, school, event without you. You know every teacher, kid friend, kids friends parents and keep our social life fun and tasty.  You are the "fun" parent and thank god the kids have someone who lets them get away with murder sometimes.

we love you, we bless you and we are so so blessed to have you in our lives.