Monday, July 06, 2015

Billy Baloo, we love you!!

Happy 10th Gotcha Day Billy!

In true Billy fashion, we celebrated with brownies and old videos of the kids as babies.  (They were SO cute). Of course, in all the videos, Billy is intensely watching/observing our crazy antics. Thats our Bill, quiet, observant, kind, calm and insightful. 

We each shared our favorite thing about Billy:

/> He's kind to everyone, especially animals

He's a deep thinker and asks really hard questions

He's a good athele, both with Tae Kwon Do about also baseball and soccer

He's inquistive and wants to learn how things are made and how they work

He's a good learner and is great at practicing (guitar, piano, reading and soon ... violin!)

Nikki especially likes that he pets her and love her up.
Billy is always up for anything and when he is in he is all in!

 Here are some good throw back photos of Billy - Then and Now.

Billy, we are so grateful to your Korean families (birth and foster) for giving you an amazing start in life and the best gift ever - a chance at a happy, healthy and prosperous life. We CANNOT wait to see what you become since you are already an amazing human being. We LOVE YOU!!! Check out past blogs as well to see that he's still the same old Bill :)

 Billy Happy Gotcha Day and thanks for choosing us to be your forever family!
We love you we bless you and we are glad to go through life with you! Much more to come :)