Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Toronto-Camping Trip Part 2

The Dad's camping trip was one of the memorial events from our stay in Toronto, so much so the kids wanted to go back again, so back we went.

The neighborhood is an ever-changing area with house being rebuilt, torn down, new schools opening and the ever present change, well except for the Dad's devotion to the camping trip. Think a cross between Camp Granada, The Great Outdoors and Oliver and you start to get the picture. The kids are all out of control, in a good way, playing games, eating unhealthy food, one kid was eating Tang mix out of the can with a spoon, awesome ;)

The trip is for two and half days in a gorgeous provincial ( State ) Park about and hour and a half east of Toronto. Everyone arrives around 3:00 Friday afternoon and un packs, sets up their tents , the BBQ area, table and that is for the day. Adult bonding begins, stories are told and re-told the kids play with water guns, Frisbees, and in one case a dead bird. Dinner is hot dogs for the kids brats for the Dad's which means no plates and therefore no dishes. A bone-fire is lite s'mores are created while the Dad's have several different card games going on. Billy had a first, a sleep over with in a sleep over, in fact he head two and didn't spend a single night in our trailer.

Rod and I ordered a 30' trailer with two rooms and sleeping for 8, and had it delivered to the site, set up and picked up and all we did was show up. It is a trend now and this year there were 10 trailers and my bet next year  more trailers than tents, it super awesome because they come fully furnished with bedding, blankets, towels, every thing you need.

Kay had a blast with all her old friends and the dad's were way beyond impressed with the gymnastics skills, one Dad in particular who is a cross fit trainer bet her she could do what he call a press to a hand stand, of course she did it first time and he broke down in tears because it took him three years to get it right, don't mess with Kay. The afternoon was a full on Dad versus kids baseball game that after two and half hours ended in a tie.

The final night was a BBQ feast of all you could eat 1/2 lb. burgers with buns and shockingly tomatoes and lettuce, I think everyone had a double! The kids were banished to their sleeping quarters and the 31 match began. 35 men entered one came out the winner. There are ever changing side bets and alliances that form but true to Murphy's luck the rookie, Big Eddie, who never played the game before came out the victor! There were a couple of know shows
 and few decisions that were fueled by anticipation and couple to many beers, however there was no blood and no lost children.

We all had a blast and just being able to get up and pack our car and leave was worth the fee for the trailer. Sunday was Fathers Day and I am happy to report that I was the only Dad that woke to Father's day cards!! My wife and kids rock :) There was a panic attack couple of hours where the passports were not in our position and Tom could not find them. Several calls later it turned put they were in a safe at the Delta ticket counter at the airport, whew dodged a bullet.
Rod and Peggy had some friends over for cocktails and we had dinner and it was off to crash.

It was great to see everyone from our neighborhood and we were even invited back - shocking!!

 next up Grandma & Grandpa Hickey come to visit! More to come