Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"We're leaving, on a jet plane, dont know when we'll be back again...

Oh babe, I hate to go...." John Denver

Well, its official, we are coming home:)

I have been offered a position in Target Financial Services (our credit card business) as Director of Business Systems. Not sure what this means in totality, but from what I understand this team helps develop the IT systems we need to support our credit card business. I am really excited to be learning a new part of Target and being a part of the fabulous team at TFS (I have heard great great things on their leadership and people). I'll also be a bit closer to home in our office on 394:) (ok, that's relative, anything in the US would be closer to home, however, this office is actually 2 miles closer to our house in MPLS than the downtown headquarters. SO, I'll be 3 miles from our house instead of 9000 miles, I'd say that's "a bit").

We have 1 week to start getting ready, 2 weeks of vacation in New Zealand and then 2 weeks back in Bangalore getting packed up and saying goodbye. (Stay tuned for cool NZ blogs)

We are aiming to arrive in MPLS 1/19 and I'll be starting my new job 1/26.

What will we be doing 1/20-1/25??? Doctors appointments, getting kids set up in school, painting the house, moving in, buying a car, getting over jet lag, a couple mother Target runs, reinstating our health/car insurance, blogging, etc... You know, the usual major life change event stuff.

With that being said, while we want to see all of you as soon as we can when we are back, we might need a minute or two in getting settle in:) AND...we also might need your help.

Once we have further details/info, we'll let you know.

So, start the count down, we'll be home in time to enjoy winter and in no time flat will be giving each of you a BIG hug.

Tom, Tracy, Jimmy, Kay and Billy

PS - This info is being officially communicated to my team here and in MPLS today

PSS - Hold March 14th as the re-instated Annual Murphy St Patricks Day Party - and probably our 1st big bash upon our return:)