Friday, December 05, 2008

Things that come home in the back pack

This has been driving me crazy for the past couple of years and I finally realized there was something I could do about. Use the blog to vent!

The school system here is fabulous for education and for preparing the youngsters for the cruel world however it is absolutely horrible at communicating. The school that the kids attend is an Indian school in Brookfield. The school uses a diary to communicate the child's needs, the schools needs and sends it home each day with the instructions to the parents. This year it has become young Jim's task to write in the diary what the day's homework assignments are and then to be responsible for bringing the proper books home to do said homework. Needless to say there are several nights where the diary says's in Jimmy's writing, No homework today and there are no books in the back pack.

Here are some example's of communication between the teachers and yours truly.

Billy's Diary:

Journal Entry: Date 6/23/2008
Please send the crayon set your previously purchased at the book store, it will cost you 25 rupees.

Response: I have no idea what you are referring to
Journal Entry: Date 7/10/2008
The previously mentioned crayon set that was not available is now please purchase and send today.

Response: The bookstore is not open and I can get to the school until Friday, please issue the crayon set and I will pay on Friday.
Journal Entry: Date 7/17/2008
As you were absent from the PTM on July 9th the admission form was collected please fill it up and send it back it is needed or the child will not be admitted.

Response: William is already enrolled and the form was sent across.

Journal Entry: Date 7/18/2008 The previously filled out form is no longer valid as the school's name has changed.
Response: I remember when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor

Journal Entry: Date 8/28/2008

I like to inform you now assessment has already started & he is a very moody child,whenever I ask anything he only answers if he is in a mood, but this will effect his progress report please take care and talk to him personally.

Response: Williams Mother and myself feel that since this behavior is consistent both at school and home that it is the teachers responsibility to cure him of this at school first and to ensure he does not bring this behavior home.

Journal Entry: Date 11/12/2008

I would like to inform you that William has the habit of scratching his nose please take care.

Kay's Diary:

Journal Entry: Date 8/18/2008

Tomorrow is pink day please send one fuzzy soft toy.

Response: Sending green horse

Journal Entry: Date 9/16/ 2008

Sports uniform to be worn on Thursday

Response: OK

Journal Entry Date 10/17/ 2008

Please send 2 divas for Diwali decorations

Response: Could you please tell us what a Diva is?

Journal Entry: Date 11/17/2008

They are made from mud and can be found in the markets.

Response: Thank you, I thought they were teenage pop stars with no supervision found in bars and on stage.

Journal Entry: Date 10/21/2008

Kay has been chosen for the recitation competition please help her practice at home.

Response: What is Kay to practice?

Journal Entry : Date 10/22/2008

Kay is to practice the rhyme 1,2,3 once I caught a fish alive

Response: Is that all there is?

Journal Entry: Date 10/23/2008


Response: This rhyme is only 3 numbers and 6 words? That makes no sense

Journal Entry: Date 10/24/2008

Diawali celebration tomorrow Indian clothes to be worn. That is the name of the rhyme, Kay knows the rhyme further assistance from you not needed.

Jimmy's Backpack

Journal Entry ; Date 6/23/2008

Bring pictures of work done by the sense organs

Response: Jimmy would like to be called Jimmy not James

Journal Entry: Date 7/1 2008

Learn difficult words

Response: ?

Journal Entry: Date 7/2/2008

Hindi home work page 17

Response: We need more information in regards to what the actual homework is. Page 17 does not help as there is no Hindi book in his back pack.

Journal Entry: Date 7/3/2008

Sending the informed coursework.

Response: Thank you for sending the book, it is in Hindi which none of us can read.

Journal Entry: Date 7/4/ 2008
Sending Nandakisher's work please complete James book and send both books back on Monday without fail.

Response: The books were not in the bag. Please inform us how we can be assured that the proper books are being sent.

Journal Entry: Date 7/5/2008

I am sending अ-ज़ as H.W. was written in big lines and neatly

Response: Great

Journal Entry: Date 7/15/2008 Learn articles from page 20,21,22,23

Response: Please note in the English worksheets two wrong uses of a and an were mark correct and they were not.

Journal Entry: Date 7/16/2008

The words written in the book were correct Jimmy must have changed them at a later date.

No response seemed appropriate

Journal Entry: Date 7/17/2008

Revise the revision words done so far

Journal Entry: Date 9/4/2008

In honor of teachers day we will only work until 10:30 please pick your child up by 10:30

These are just a few of the conversations that I am having and not really sure whom I am having them with. The kids now only have school from 8:30-12:30 until the 17th of December because of exams. I really have no idea why an exam that takes an hour to complete causes the school to shut down at 12:30 for the next two weeks. Then again maybe I should learn the difficult words and practice revising the revision.