Friday, December 12, 2008

Things I am looking forward to in Minneapolis

The PEOPLE – I cant wait to be back with people that I grew up with, that “know” me without me having to explain my history, that I love, that I can start up our never ending conversation, that I can call on the phone when I am having a bad day or need a pep talk at anytime of the day, that I can give a hug to when they are hurting, that I can meet for coffee or a bike ride or a walk or a play date, that I can ask for help when my basement floods or when I need a girls night out, babysitters that show up when called and pick up the house, …

Our Friends/Family – See aboveJ YOU are the reason we are excited to come home and are worth mentioning twice!!!

The Food – Let’s see – Beef, triscuts, sour cream, cottage cheese, pepper jelly, REAL Mexican food, Good wine, ready to eat food, CHEESE, skim milk, Super America hot dog buns, fountain Dt Coke, nachos, walleye, Caesar salad, ANY kind of salad, center cut pork chops, … ok, now I am getting hungry!!

The security of life – The sense of security that comes with birthdays and anniversaries and weddings and all the life long milestones that mark our lifes. People that wear helmets and don’t put their babies on motorbikes, seat belts that work, cars that stop for stop signs, policemen that don’t need bribes to enforce the laws…

The predictability of life – hot running water on demand, a dryer (and warm cuddly dry towels), an oven to bake in, an oven to cook cataplana and lasagna in (see food), central air, central A/C, the gas stations actually HAVING gas when you drive up, a commute that is on the short side 7 mins’ and on the long side 12 min’s, TARGET, instocks, TV that’s in English, newspaper articles that are written at a 6th grade level (and that I can actually understand), having a whole square acre ONLY to yourself, driving from MPLS to Milwaukee and never having to turn…..

The weather – Believe it or not, we are looking forward to snow and sledding and ice skating and skiing and snow shoeing and driving to work in the dark and coming home in the dark and the small green buds popping up through the snow and the rain washing away the dirt and muck from March and the tulips and the robins in spring and the colors of fall and the crunch of leaves and warm days and cool nights and finally….not having to wear the same damn clothes for 2 ½ yrs straight!