Thursday, December 11, 2008

Billy turns 4

It is hard to believe that yet another birthday for young William has come. Billy now has lived in India for 2.5 years which is over half his life and longer than he has lived anywhere else. No wonder he likes rice and dal.

That aside he roared into his fourth birthday eating rum plum cake that Saravan thoughtfully gave him. Then after school it was off to the airplane museum with his four year old buddies and Kay.

The kids were like crazed when we reached the museum. They ran all over the place Billy leading the way. We lucked out because the Indian Air force was conductiong training exercises for the Helicopter pilots and they were taking off and landing the whole time we were there. The kids had a blast.

The we got into the simulator and everyone got a chance to "fly" the plane. This of course caused a problem because no one wanted to stop nor did they want to share. The crew was able to pull themselves away and back to looking at the planes until Billy said, 'OK I want to go home"

We could not wait for the other kids to arrive so into the presents we went. Billy had no real desire to open them so Kay helped out. Billy kept a running commentary " wow that is a really nice car" and things like that. The presents were all related to cars and he was thrilled.

Pasta, fruit salad and cucumbers were this years meal selection and then after actually cleaning up and putting away the toys, CUPCAKES!

We chose to put up the Christmas tree and the kids along with our neighbor, Zari, Billy's current love interest, did a great job of decorating it. Zari, who is from Australia rad the kids An Australian Night Before Christmas and old Bill was teetering next to her on the couch.

Finally it was lights out and Billy's Birthday Bash was a smashing success.