Monday, December 15, 2008

The 2008 Samarthanam Walk-A-Thon event.

During this Holiday Season it was nice to take some time out of our stressful schedule to help raise money for one of the Target Sponsored NGO's.

This is a very well run organization and the really do great work here in Bangalore.

Not to criticize the event but it was not real a Walk-A-Thon as it was more of a stand, then sit then Stand-A-Thon.

The organizers provided us with many false starts and the directions from the MC were too much. I mean we were in a cricket stadium with a running track that was oval. The MC was screaming that we were going the wrong way? The track is oval almost a circle, how could we go the wrong way, really?
That aside the kids had a blast and as you can see Jimmy was leading the way and Billy was pushing Roshen. Kay was running and then had to carried most of the way!

Here is a link to some other photo's and an article on the event.;+walkathon;+Sree+Kanteerva+Indoo&SectionName=UOaHCPTTmuP3XGzZRCAUTQ==

Happy Holidays!
The Loudamericans