Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

While old Mother Winter was blowing her storm filled breath on the Midwest we were in shorts and T-shirts attending Sunday Brunch at the Taj West End.

The Palm Meadow's group had yet another holiday gathering filled with fun, laughter and cheers. The kids all drew names and exchanged a small gift as well talked about the different family holiday plans and the winter storm back home.

The food was awesome however there were a few who did not heed the warning about the oyster on the half Shell and are paying a price. All but Kay who seemed to be able to eat just about any weird thing and never get sick, can not say that about Kay riding in a car!

The brunch was somewhat bittersweet as the Loudamericans were guests at the Taj for 2 weeks almost 21/2 years ago and it will most likely be our last brunch there :(.

These photos are the a comparisons between our first day in India and our almost last, my have the kids grown!

Hope you all have a blessed and prosperous New Year and Holiday Season.