Monday, November 23, 2015

Heidel House girls weekend

Since Wade had a deer hunting weekend a few weeks back and Tom had a pheasant hunting weekend scheduled (which was unfortunately canceled but then rescheduled for the day after Thanksgiving), Angela and I decided a bit of a girls weekend was in store.

We were originally planning to meet our long lost friend Radha in California but ... work schedules, airline flight times and the time zone difference got in our way.  So, we had to settle for 2nd best, just the 2 of us in Wisconsin.

It was a perfectly relaxing weekend.

Angela worked Friday morning and I took my time getting up, getting the kids ready for school, walking the dog, etc. We headed out a bit after lunch for Green Lake Wi, home of Heidel House and a small town spa weekend that included wine, people magazines and the great outdoors.

The drive was easy and uneventful and it is interesting how you can tell you are in Wisconsin almost immediately, there is something different about their small towns. Not sure if its the Leinenkugels signs, the friday night fish fry advertising or just the amount of packer gear you see people wearing but I immediately felt at home.

Green Lake is a gorgeous area, its  huge lake with really prosperous summer homes and a friendly walkable small town.  In fact, we struggled to figure out the main industry and where all the $$ was coming from.  We thinks its Chicago mob money. Seriously, some of the houses qualify as manisions, every 3rd house is for sale and it looked like the town was only 1/2 occupied.

Heidel House is a long standing Wisconsin establishment, its got a resort will all the amenities, including a state of the art spa (which was - again - packed ...odd).  In fact, my mom has a cook book from here that probably is almost as old as I am.  The lake is gorgeous, the rooms, comfortable and the staff awesome.

Of course, the 1st thing on our agenda was fish fry and we hit Nortons, the best supper club in town. Nothing like a good supper club overlooking the lake on a Friday night. The Heidel House had a shuttle we could schedule so we didn't even need to drive!  Dinner was fab and then it was back to the hotel for a movie. Our 1st thoughts were Sixteen Candles, Heathers or Say Anything but of course, I forgot to pack them. Ang had other ideas and wanted to see Amy. I was game. That is, until...we realized we were drinking red wine and watching a documentary about a bulimic alcoholic drug addict. Sort of took all the fun of drinking red wine out of it. In actuality, it is a really good movie about Amy Winehouse, but it does make you realize just how little (no) support she had for her personal wellbeing, everyone was out to make money off of her. Including her family. super sad.

Saturday we were determined to have a more upbeat day/night. We spent the day walking around Green Lake, checking out the artisian market, the big houses and lake front.  I found Tom/I retirement plan - a liquor store/bait shop with a 24/7 bait vending machine in front of it in case you cant be bothered to come to work because you are out fishing.     Lunch was beer cheese soup and bloody mary with a beer chaser and then it was off to the spa. We had the full treatment and the steam room/ salt water hot tub were glorious!

but ... this was all leading up to the BIG plans....  Deer Widow's Bingo at the town hall 6:30-8:30pm  Yep, we bought our 6 cards and we were all in. In fact, Ang also played $20 of 50/50. we got our sutter home red wine and miller lite and settled in for a big night of winnings with ~ 50 of the locals. Shockingly, we didn't win a damn thing. not even the raffle ticket wine they were handing out. Again, I think it was rigged. It was fun though and the highlight was group of kids (sisters) that came dressed as a hunting widow, deer and hunter. Very cute.

We then hit up the other supper club in town for the soup/salad bar and cheese curds (remember this is Wisconsin) and had a really fun chat with Carol, our waitress. We were in for dinner at 8:30 and I think she was disappointed because they were getting ready to close up. Then, to ruin all her fun, another couple came in as we were finishing at 9:15. Poor Carol. At least she had the 5 regulars at the bar to keep her company.  (you know its a good restaurant when you ask for a red wine and they don't even ask you what kind because they only have 1 kind)   

We headed back to the hotel determined to watch something more upbeat but got sidetracked by the fancy piano bar in the lobby that served chocolate-tini's and had a live pianist. He was really good and the crowd was very appreciative. He even did Charlie Browns Christmas to get us all in the holiday mood.

We packed it up , called it a night and were up bright and early the next day for a quick pre-drive workout.  I made it home in time to see the Pack whoop the Vikings and drive Jimmy more than a little crazy.

All in all, the perfectly timed get away with my bestie.

Thanks Ang! (and thanks Tom/Wade for letting us go!!!)                   

The Winners

Damn cards