Sunday, November 15, 2015

crazy weekend

This weekend was a variation of the same ... we hosted a party, Kay had a sleep over, Billy had TKD,  Jimmy hung out with his friends and Tom was on TV... wait - what?!.

The difference?

PARTY  - yes, we normally DO have people over for dinner but this was different and special.  We had a going away party for our friend Pam. We lived with her in India and she was part of the US team that supported Canada. She is the ONLY known person to attend our St Patricks Day party in 3 different countries. Unfortunately, as part of Canada, she was laid off and her last week was in October. That didn't stop her, she took a 2 week road trip to the east coast of Canada, 3 week vacation in Bali, sold her house and is moving "south" to be closer to her family as she job hunts.  Her 1st choices are Charleston, Atlanta and Raleigh.   It was a fun mix of people and Tracy's goal was to get rid of all the booze that was left at the house from Michael/Brians going away. It (amost) worked.  We got rid of vodka, rum, scotch, goldslager, crème de casis, triple sec, kahula, vermouth, 1 bottle of crème de menthe (we still have 1 left) and some cherry flavored Italian liquor. we ar eleft with only 6 bottles, 1/3 of mango rum (super good with tonic and lime) crème de menthe, vermouth, picso, scotch and something I have no idea what it is... success!

Wait, Tom, on TV?!  Yes!! He and Jim were on Kare11. Jim was promoting Itty Bitty Soul for Nat'l Adoption month and fro every book he sells, he's giving a dollar to Gift of Adoption. Enter Tom. Tom is on the board for Gift of Adoption so ... they were jointly interviewed by Rena. Check it out. They were awesome and Tom is damn cute if I say so myself....

Ok, Kay's 'sleep over' - it was actually a Hunger Games competition at a local nature preserve. They had the reckoning at   6:05pm, were placed into teams and had challenges on the hour that night and the next morning, including a middle of the night surprise challenge. The team with the most points would be announced at the victory lunch. Breakfast was  in a backpack at the cornucopia and the girls had a BLAST!     Challenges included archery (Kay rocked it) starting a fire (which you then had to use those skills to light the stove in your cabin, no electricity, no heat) shelter building (Kay's specialty) ropes/knot tying, cooking with edible bugs and plants, navigation and a relay race.  Seriously kick ass weekend for Kay and her chaperone said Kay was the natural leader, calm, level headed, smart, logical and focused. There was even a costume competition at the end and Kay did everyones makeup. Thats our Kay!

Billy and TKD - Normally he has practice but this was the 1st weekend that the demo team actually got to go out and demo!  They were the 1/2 time show at the regional wrestling 'tournament'. If you are envisioning low grade, WWE, fake wrestling, then yep- you are visualizing correctly. Think of this as the minor league with everyone gunning for the big time. The kids (& some parents) were in a bit of awe (scared?) by the actual show but our kids stole the whole event with their TKD demonstrate.  They were proud, had fun and were great. Wish I had a video to post, once we get our hand on one we'll share.   
Jimmy really did have a normal weekend.  He bypassed a sleep over with his besties on Friday night  because he wanted to get his homework done Sat morning. SO THAT .. he could watch the golpher and Vikings games without guilt or pressure of homework. He cheered himself horse and had a great time hanging with his peeps
Plus, added bonus, I got 2 - yes 2 - bike rides in on my cruiser bike. Who knew that it'd be 60 degrees in November. It was lovely
We are exhausted.   Again....
Life is good.