Monday, November 30, 2015

Green Bay, football, Thanksgiving, THE PACKER GAME (football), pheasant hunting, football, Black Friday, football

Can you tell what we did this weekend by the title of this post? :)

Yep, our annual pilgrimage to Green Bay for Thanksgiving, visit with Aunt Sue and watch 4 days worth of football.

This year add an added bonus, tickets to the Packer/Bears game and the retiring of Favres jersey. Despite the miserable weather (wind, rain and 30's) and how terrible we played (we were beat by the BEARS?!!) it was a really cool game to be at. The whole stadium went nuts when Favre came out, his team mates were there and everyone had a tear in their eye when Bart Starr congratulated him. Very moving.  Jimmy and Tracy had a gas. Jimmy even commented during the 3rd quarter. Why are people leaving, the game isn't over?!

Thanksgiving itself was a bit of a non-event. Given the weather (cold/rain) the kids stayed in their pj's all day and played electronics while Jimmy/Sue watched every game on TV they could.  Dinner was take out pizza, a hotdog at the stadium and nachos after the game. Works for us!

Friday was our "day out".  Tom headed out to pheasant hunt with Carl, Johnny and Timmy while Tracy took Sue/the kids to Appleton for Black Friday shopping and some serious bounce time at XtremeAir (a trampoline park and loads of fun).  The crowds weren't too bad and we managed to steer clear of any major $$ damage. The trampoline park was fun to see the kids dunk, flip, twist, dodgeball and spar.  We were all very tired and sweaty when it was all over. Of course, we all met up at home and hit the traditional Wisconsin fish fry and salad bar for dinner. YUM!!

Saturday was another cold day of football football football. Jimmy/Sue had a bet on the MN/WI game and lets just say ...thank god Sue didn't call in her bet with Jimmy.  Tracy took the other 2 kids to the Y to swim. It was a major throwback Y - kiddy pool... diving board... the whole shebang.  They swam for 2 hours and had a blast.      Kay made a killer pavlova/pumpkin triffle for dessert and we had homemade wild rice soup and wedge salad.

Sunday we high tailed it home and listened to the Vikings game on the radio.  Despite their offense, they managed to win.  Then it was music practice, homework, wash, and some play time with the neighborhood kids.  It felt good to be home and be in our own beds but...

We always have such a great time with Sue in Green Bay. VERY relaxing.

Thank you Sue! We love you!!

Now, what we thought was a chest cough has developed ... poor Tom has pneumonia :(