Sunday, November 01, 2015

Happy Hadaween!! (as Jimmy used to say...)

Of course, Jimmy is way too cool for Halloween but, he managed to have a great night and be totally enthralled with the Gopher game. He spent all day trying to convince us to pay $50/ticket so that he could go to the game, with a friend and without adult supervision. We were actually considering it if he could have found tickets for closer to $20 but alas, no dice. Turned out that was a smart move. He had his posse over for pizza and the game. Of course, even though most of them were on Jimmys football team, their attention span for actually watching the game is about 0.  They all left at the half to move the party to Miles house (including a sleep over). Jimmy hung back to watch the game with us and it was fun to have him all to ourselves. Bummer on the final few plays though. Tough loss.

Billy and Kay, however, were all in.  Kay was a turquoise unicorn and Billy the grim reaper. The both hit the same pre-trick or treating pizza party and then headed out and in their separate ways to get the goods.

Kay went around with Cameron (who later stayed for a sleep over) and Billy with Cole.

It was the 1st year we didn't need to supervise (ie walk around)  the kids so we built a bon fire, poured a glass of wine, had a bowl of homemade squash soup in a bread bowl and watched game. Kevin and Henry came over and brough s'more stuff and it was a really relaxing and fun night.

Happy Hadoween!!!

Oh and Jim went as a turquoise unicorn too and then went to yoga....