Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Gotcha Day Kay!!

Yesterday was the 12th Gotcha Day for Kay/us.  12 years ago, we traveled to Korea to bring back our fierce, fun, generous, funny, active, talented, outspoken daughter.

We celebrated with molten lava cake, macaroons and every shared their favorite thing about Kay.

Billy - that she plays with me when she has friends over. Its really fun.

Jimmy - that she makes food for my friends and I

Tom - that she is ALL IN on anything she does: playing, cooking, gymnastics, friends, gifts, Christmas, parties....

Tracy - that she is a fierce and determined athlete that is always trying to get better plus she's brave and fearless

Nikki - that she drops food accidently when cooking

Thought we'd share some Gotcha Day posts of day's gone by and say a big THANK YOU and WE LOVE YOU to all the people that made Kay ... Kay.

Her birth parents - that's for making the ultimate self sacrifice, we definitely are the benefactors of your love for Kay

Her foster parents - for your awesome sense of humor and such visible love for Kay - taking care of her until we were able to

Her social workers both in the US and Korea - for being vigilant in finding kids their forever family and home

Our friends and family - that's for being their for us and for Kay, when she was a tiny pudgy 4 month old baby all the way to a green haired pre-teen.

Most of all ... we love YOU KAY!!!! XXX OOOOO