Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Kay 3-Peats!!!

The competitions are over for this year and the results are in. In a stunning performance Kay Marie Jeon pulls off a first ever recorded 3-peat. She place first over all in all three of her meets as well is first on floor, beam, uneven bars and second on vault! Amazing work for our PooK-A-Rouk!!

When asked about the performance she simplily stated " I was born to do gymnastics!" She recived a total of:

3 Gold's in overall performance.
3 Gold's on the Floor
3 Gold's on the Beam
3 Gold's on the Un-even Bars
3 Silvers on the Vault

In the final meet there were special recognition awards identifying the athletes the delivered outstanding routines on each of the events. Only ONE athlete among the 50 entrants was awarded 3 of these awards, Kay Marie Jeon ! She was awarded the most expressive on the floor, the highest leaps and jumps on the beam and the best casts on the bars. Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with gymnastics lingo, I will save you from the embarrassment that befell me. When I asked Kay what a cast was she looked at me and said :" Jeez Dad I have been doing this for 4 years and you don't know anything about gymnastics?!"  So a cast is when you jump up to the bar spin around the bar and " cast" your legs off as high as you can, follow?

In this meet Jimmy, who without being prodded from Mom and Dad, was one of Kay's biggest fans
was worried about the competition. "She's got some competish!" As he watched he became a bit agitated that she was in for a tough go and when she won he was (as well all are) very proud of her!

The next season starts in late July with Kay going from 9 hours a week to 12! Meanwhile out of Ottawa, The Nations Capital " those who fail the citizenship, but meet all the other requirements, will get a do over" really....

Below is a link to the outstanding floor routine. We are proud and love you Kay!!
more to come....

Summer Olypmics 2020, here we come!