Monday, June 24, 2013

One more reason for cake

It was birthday "fest" at the LoudAmericans this weekend. Kay, in a flash of 9 yr old brilliance, decided to have her birthday part before school got out and every left for summer vacation (yes, our kids go to school until 6/27 - the horror of it all!). Keep in mind, this was a full 3 weeks before her actual birthday AND on the eve of Tracy's birthday.  Ever try to fit 20 lbs of sh-t in a 10 lb bag? just sayin....

Kay has spent the last 30 days planning her party, where should it be, who should she invite, sleepover?, gift bags? the decisions are endless. Remind us to stay WELL clear when she decides to plan her wedding! At the end of the day, the verdict? school at Loblaw (think Byerlies kitchen) with 10 girls. The menu?  Tapas (aka: lots of easy appetizers and sugar induced products). The girls had cake AND made cookies AND got to decorate and bring home 6 cupcakes each. Aiy Yai Yai!!  Needless to say, when they made it back to our house it was pure girl mayhem.  But, they had a great time!

While Kay was holding court as Iron Chef, Billy was getting tested for his green belt. He was perfect on his pomsae (patterns) but they needed to do non-contact sparring as they had the largest group ever trying to all pass up a belt color. He rocked it and is now an official green belt. He is cruising through these belts. 1/2 way to black belt. assuming it'll get hard and/or slow down but we'll see. There is a semi-professional soccer team in North York and Master Myungs (Billys dojo) was asked to do the 1/2 time show. They picked their "best" students and guess who's going to demonstrate his TKD skills? Yep ol' Bill. We'll post an update of the prestigious event.

Saturday was Tracy's birthday and to be honest, it looked like any other Saturday ... football practice and kids activities. Kay did clean her room (which is like cleaning a nuclear waste site) so that was a really good present. Then, she went strawberry picking with her friends while Tracy walked the dog, Billy road his bike and Jimmy laid on the couch like a slug.  We did get a "date" night in at a yummy Indian restaurant and came home to .... you guessed it, a mini neighborhood surprise party. Rod, Peggy, Kim and all their kids were here to welcome us home with champagne and cake. It was really fun and we cant believe how lucky/blessed we are to have 2 neighborhoods (Toronto and Golden Valley) filled with great friends and fun.

Sunday was a baseball tournament for Jimmy (rescheduled from last week) and super duper hot. They rallied, the score went back and forth, but at the end of the day, lost and took 3rd place.  The ump was questionable and even our convener (the person in charge of keeping parents in line) was yelling "so the other team has 10 players?  9 12 yr olds and the ump?!"  Nice. Jimmy seems fine with the loss but that could be because he got to go swimming afterwards. The tribulations of a kid are short lived.  Kay is also off to a swim party with all the same girls from Friday night.. Golsa is moving back to Iran and they decided to see her off in style. As a treat, Tracy took Billy out of lunch (gyros and fries and the best of all...a huge orange Fanta soda). Our kids have it made. Very jealous.

Tom had BBQ class yesterday and Mediterranean class today, tonights dinner will be a mix of what ever he brings home. Its always yummy so no one is complaining!!    

Overall, a few reasons to cut cake, lay low, be with friends and family, cheer each other on and basically enjoy life.

Happy Weekend!