Monday, June 17, 2013

MS150 recap

Thank YOU for your support and best wishes for the MS150!  I was WAY over my fundraising goal (yeah $2880 on a goal of $2500!!!) and finished yet another yearJ  In total, there were 3,500 riders, 1,000 volunteers and overall we raised +$3 million for MS – WOW!!!

As always- a wild ride.   Our support crew was incredible;  first the dedicated team of Annemiek, Eva and Lucy (the dog) for drop off service in Duluth (Wendy’s family).  We did some site seeing in Duluth and had dinner at an awesome new microbrewery – Canal Park Brewery. The food was fantastic and they beer/mead divine. It was good carbo loading for the weekend.

The support by Target Commercial Interiors was amazing-  key to us; the TLC from the Team Luggage truck, the dedicated Massage Team and Target Tent with food and cold barley carbohydrate recovery Beverage on tap!!! Target is amazing at these type of events and it makes me really really proud.

Saturday weather was GREAT- sun and cool temps.   A perfect day for riding and pure joy!

Sunday, well…unpleasant is the best I can describe.,,, it was quite soggy with rain and some head/cross-winds to keep us keenly aware of the physical struggle behind this charity ride.

Thank you to Wendy and Ned for pulling together to keep each other (& me) safe and entertained on the difficult Sunday ride.  I *think* I’ve successfully scrubbed all of the mud off myself! The post ride hot shower felt like heaven!!

Wendy made a new friend and was on the news, The Wild’s Nate Prosser.

As a close- please send thoughts of healing to the riders injured on this year’s ride.  There were at least four serious injuries on Saturday, including one ‘chain reaction’ crash that injured 3 riders and an airlift into the cities for medical treatment.

Take a look at the photos from the ride attachedJ

Until next year, THANK YOU and Ride On!