Saturday, June 05, 2010

Camping - otherwise known as "Angela is not a happy camper"

So after the trial run last weekend we took the kids camping. The Fishers had an ex-pat dinner and after the Loudamericans headed out to "the campsite"!

Tom was able to check in early so with Billy's help they got the campsite ready for our arrival. The camp ground was packed full and it was nice arrive after our evening party and get the kids directly to bed! (yeah right, after 20 min's of complaining "dont touch me", recapping our evening at the Fishers and uncontained excitement about fishing the next day .. we went "right" to bed)
Saturday was a great day the Millers arrived around noon, got their tent set up and Tracy and could not believe how much stuff they brought, I mean we were only staying for a couple of nights. I am not sure why we didnt just head to their house for a sleep over:) But, they were good sports and set up their part of the site in record time.
We headed down to the lake and the kids had a ball swimming with the other kids at the beach. Meanwhile Wade and Tom put the boat in and the fishing began. Kay was glued into the boat and went through about 50 wax worms in under an hour, at this point I was concerned about the bait lasting... But, she is surpisingly patient with fishing and did end up raking some good sun fish in.

Before we get to far into the weekend let me say... Carver park is a great campground and it is not to far from town. The campground is clean, the sites are big and if there is a draw back it would be there are no showers, but the beach is nice so there is that option. They have fishing piers, a nature center, naturalist sessions, paved bike paths, cross country running paths and even a 2 mile fenced dog run. Oh, and did we mention that you have to turn right at DQ in order to get to the campground. Pratically nirvana and everything Loudamericans would need!

Back to Saturday... it was a fun filled day and we had a great dinner, taco night of course! Tracy and Angela took the kids to the Amphitheatre to watch the show on pond life while Wade and Tom tried their hand at fishing. Several pan fish and a couple of bass were caught so we had fish in our future. The campground goes to all quiet after 10:00 and we were no different (for a change). The kids climbed in their sleeping bags and after about 5 minutes it was lights out. The adults visited around the camp fire waiting for it to burn down and then into the sleeping domes we went.

The kids were up and at 'em early, 7:00am, so we were to. The day started with coffee and sausage and eggs and back to the beach. The boat went in and we were back to fishing, even though the weather was not so good. Our friend Vidiya and her two kids paid us a visit and we headed off to the Nature center for a program on snakes, yuk! But, as you can see - the kids were fascinated! The afternoon was spent in the boat and Vidiya's kids, who have never been on a boat or fished before were great and each of them caught a fish, which has to do with the skipper of the crafts ability too - not only to fish but think like a fish and therefore locate them for others! Caden caught his 1st bass and was practically jumping up and down for hours about it. He could stop touching it, poicking it up, talking about it, asking about it, showing it to people .... can you tell it got a little old? But, I suspect its a moment he'll remember for his lifetime.
The evening was set for steak, salad and a great adult meal when out of nowhere the worst storm in Angela's memory came to pass. On top of her dislike of bugs, bad weather and a 18 month old walking time bomb, Ang hit her final straw and bailed on us after dinner with a big smile on her face. She went home with promises of returning the next day fresh, showered and happy(er). She took a car load of stuff home with her and it was amazing. She had a full car and still Wade had a tent, sleeping bags, food and beer. I have no idea how they got it all in on one trip the day before!! The rest of us braved the elements and had S'mores and a big campfire. The kids played football (with live running commentary by Jimmy of course) and a live feedback survey - Justin Beiber or Bruce Springsteen? EVERY person that went by our campsite - kids, adults, park rangers, police, etc... were bombarred by Jimmy asking "Justin Beiber or Bruce Springsteen"? The final result? People over age 19? Springsteen Under 19? Beiber. I rest my case....
The kids feel asleep even faster than the night before. Getting used to the tent or did Mom and Dad find enough to keep them busy and exert energy, who knows?

Breakfast was fish and it was great. Nothing beats home made fish batter, poached eggs, strong coffee and deep fried fish all before 8:00am, you have to love that!! Except for Caden. After all his excitement about catching and cleaning his fish, actually eating it? Not so much... The more for me I say!!!! We broke down camp, Angela returned for Wade and Caden and we packed them up (again to a full car - how in the world did they do it in 1 trip?!) and headed home.
It was a great time and Tracy and Tom are now thinking the kids are ready to try camping in another zip code!