Monday, June 14, 2010

Antoher year down - otherwise known as "we did it"!

"We did it, we did it, we really really did it!" - Dora the Explorer

Wow, not sure what to say ... we did it! The MS150 this year looked bad on paper but was great in reality. The weather forecasts of rain and highs in the mid-60's lows in the upper 40's did come to bear but it wasnt that bad.

Tom is our unsung hero, he raced around on Friday and found us 1 of the only available hotel rooms in Duluth (turns out lots of folks were bailing because fo the weather but if you timed it just right you could grab their rooms - sweet!). So, yes we whimped out on camping in Duluth in the rain in 40 degree weather, but we did fulfill our traditional Little Angies mexican dinner with Dick, Cathy, Jan and Wendy. Its way too much food and the margaritas are way too good, but its a good carb building exercise for the ride (or so we tell ourselves)

We were debated what time should we set our alarm on Sat am ... 5:30? 6:00? The 1st shuttle was rumored to arrive at 5:00 but the course doesnt open until 6:00 ... what to do? In hindsight ,we shouldnt have worried.... all the hotel room doors started slamming shut at 5:00am as people were racing to catch that 1st shuttle to the ride. We managed to drag our butts out of bed by 5:30 and were grabbing a donut/coffee at 5:55am when the shuttle came for us. We scooted around the mass start and were on our bikes by 6:30am. Pretty good timing!

The ride both days was relatively easy; slight mist, mid 60's, wind at our back, cloud cover. Doesnt sound like good weekend weather, but it turns out its the best biking weather you could ask for. We virtually flew through the ride. Almost no soreness and no injuries - YEAH!

We got to Hinckley in record time and had our tent set up before the rain started. Thanks to a coworker who's on the MS board we also scored free VIP passes, so free drinks and food. Sweet!
We also holed up in the tent with People, US Weekly and Intouch - a good way to catch up on my celebrity trash. A good use of time if I dont say so myself.

Sunday we were back up and at them and on our bikes by 6:15am. That INCLUDED pulling down the tent and breakfast. Prettty darn efficient. AND, we were at the finish line by 12:00 - enough time to get home and actually have some family time.

This year was also a record breaker in terms of fundraising. Thanks to you, I raised OVER $2,200 for MS. That's an amazing show of support, I am so thankful and proud of you all!

Thanks for all your best wishes, support and vibes of good biking weather. They all came to bear.