Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day - In perspective

So, to put into perspective how much we value and love Tom 'the father' in our little family...I am currently writing a quick blog on a break at work while Kay colors away at my desk... why you ask?

Tom is on his annual fishing trip with "the boys" - his buddies and all his buddies sons (ages 6-16). Tom took Jimmy on Saturday and headed up for a 4 day testerone invested fish fest, leaving me a single mom with 2 high energy kids, daycare, summer school, homework, piano lessons oh... and that little thing called work... I had a babysitter scheduled to watch Kay from post summer school bus drop off until I got home work. She called at 11am today and canceled. SO...That's how we got here and it got me thinking about Tom and ALL that he does for us.

Tom is our main caregiver, cook, housecleaner, chauffeur, medic, BFF, doggie daycare, landscape artist and electrician. He spends his days in an array of activities that would make me certifibly ADD. He drops everything at a call for help from friends, the kids friends and other stay at home parents. He's the one that picks up treats when the room mom forgot them, buys a luncable for the kid who forgot their lunch on the field trip, picks up "stray" kids at the bus stops when their parents cant get there in time and in general is at your disposal if you need a helping hand.

He's also the parent that lets the kids eat spaghetti tacos (gross I know), buys them a donut each Thursday as he takes the car to get cleaned and lets them make "forts" in the living room as they are watching movies. He clips their nails ( a job I detest) and fights with them to take a bath.

Tom is quick with hugs, wit and a helping hand. We love him and we couldnt do any of what we do without him!!

In the words of the kids...
Kay "he's smart and funny and cute and I have him wrapped around my little finger"
Jim "he plays football with me and he likes sports"
Billy "he's a good Daddy"
Nikki "woof woof"

We love you TOM!!! Enjoy your fishing trip, you deserve it:)