Friday, June 25, 2010

The Annual Fishing Trip

It is an event that thank god only happens once a year, except the year I had back to back trips that landed me in the hospital, but that is another story.

Lake Vermilion, 4 hours north of Minneapolis nestled in the woods outside of Tower is an amazing lake. The lake is 14 miles and is full of my favorite fish, the small mouth bass. this fish pound for pound fights better than any fish out there, including the Mansheer! Jimmy hooked into an 18' fish and as you can see the fish is awesome.

The interesting aspect of this trip is that we have been doing this for several years long before kids. The oldest kid is Volkoff and he is 16. The participants are all great people and friends whom i would trust my family with and I do not even know there real names or what they do for a living. Seriously we have Punky otherwise know as the 7 footman, Rockin Rabes, Triple T otherwise known as TwoTone, Hoddady, Scrounch, Krigger, Jumping Joe, Doctor Barzackein and Jumping Jack don't eat no fat. 16 years thousands of fish, several kids, wives and not a first name insight. Is this unusual or are we?

This year we were right in the middle of the may fly hatch which for those of you who do not fish, this is not good. The cry nicer fish on was few and far between as the fish were busy eating the may flies and going into a food coma. No matter with pole in hand and ipod for the kids we pressed on. several times the bottom was caught and the frustration level of the kids rose however having kukkarays and beef sticks seemed to be the problem solver.

The place has several cabins and a main gathering place otherwise known as the bar. Billy whom runs the place is a great guy and let us take over one night to watch our slide show. The seven footer created a slide show with 260 pictures spanning the 16 years of the trip. It was awesome for the dad's the kids were unimpressed. The fish tales flew and the bonding continued.

The weather finally broke and what fishing trip is not complete with a jump into the lake. Jimmy had fun swimming and catching crayfish of which we now have one as a pet named Gordon? Next year the trip will take on a whole new deminsion, I will be bringing Kay!