Friday, October 09, 2009

The view from here

It has be quite some time since I have had the energy or the time for that matter to log into the old blog and post some random or not so random thoughts. So much so that my birthday came and went, my wife posted some reflective and deep thoughts and still no input from me.

I have been trying to figure out the difference from being in India compared to being back in the US and quite honestly it is hard to compare or contrast for that matter so I have stopped. I can say that I am happy to be back home but miss India and the people terribly.

I have started to branch put of my normal book reading and started reading books about people and their stories and find that it is fascinating to read something other than a mystery or spy story. I have found that there is a common denominator, which to some extent I always new was present, which is tragedy. It is in itself is no fun but the results are often times so much greater that the tragedy seems worthwhile. I hope that does not make me sound like I am rooting for tragedy, I am merely saying that reading or for that matter seeing things with both eyes open gives one a better or broader perspective.

I look back over the last year and see the growth I and my family have made and the fact that as hard as I try the kids are growing up. I know they are not even in double digits yet but they are three of the coolest people I know, not to mention Tracy! To have celebrated yet another birthday and the mile stone of 11 years married adds to the joy of the past year. I look forward now more than ever to just hang out at home, play with the kids and learn about the universe as it told bu a four year old using the current trend toy as the center, Yikes!

There is a surreal feeling of watching your child see an arts and craft show on TV and then go gather all the needed equiptment and re-create the craft that they just watched. Kind of cool. The kids are the center of your universe and until you have them you would never know.

The moment Bruce made the cover of AARP, was another time to think about music and the impact it has on people and well me. I am about as tone deaf as one can be and I am the poster boy for ' He could noy sing his way out of a paper bag', all true.That does not mean I can not listen to my kids sign give Nikki a Steak and not be pround of the way Kay hammers on the guitar, Jimmy lay's down the beat on the drums and Old Bill eases a lazy melody out of the piano. Who knows what musical talent lurks behind the ears and eyes of the three youngest loudamericans.

So as I now enter into the last year of my 5th decade I am looking around at all my blessings and with at some times tears of contentment, cannot imagine how lucky I am. To have family and all of the healthy, spending time with them and friends and the recent memory of how well the new era of Vikings football has taken hold, make me appreciate all the good things we have.