Thursday, October 22, 2009

Seriously blog negligent and unworthy

Ok, you are all probably convinced that we have fallen off the face of the earth. Well, we have, in a way. Our blog world at least.

Tom and I started a fitness challenge in an effort to get into shape for our upcoming week long (kid free) adventure to Puerto Vallarta (yeah! can you tell we are excited?). We are doing it with the 3 couples that we'll be vacationing with and its boys against girls. You can already predict the outcome, right? We are in an all out fitness WAR! Dont ever call this group uncompetitive.

The goal is to log as many aerobic miles as you can each week. This has come at the price of sleep, meaningful conversations with my spouse and updates to the blog (we are trying to not let it affect school, work or the kids, but even those are getting pulled into the fray.)

What does this mean? Here's an email exerpt from Tom to the group trying to rally/inspire his team to "do more!"

"The truth of the matter is that Tracy and I try to work out for around two hours a day, some days we do some days we cant. The issue is weekends. If we can get a workout on either or both days that is somewhat of a bonus. We use the chart to figure out our numbers. We have goal charts for the kids and us and we make a family event around marking the charts and who accomplished what goals.

Before we started this Tracy and I were doing about 40-45 miles per week.
This would include 30-35 workout miles plus the "gimme" 10.5 for daily activities (breathing, chasing kids, etc). Since we started the program we have changed our behaviors (which gains us 5 miles per week in bonus miles - stuff like: salads for lunch, dinner before 7pm & limited drinking - thats the hardest one), some weeks we do better than others and have added an extra day or two to our workout schedule. Which means we now workout 5-7 days/week versus 4-6.

We average 6-8 miles per day. It is not easy to do and I am not sure that we could sustain this pace for an extended period of time however we committed to 9 weeks and so here we are.

I have found that this "competition" has motivated me to up my personal goals. I now find myself making time for an extra workout versus watching TV or something else. I would like to figure out a way to continue as the challenge part helps me stay motivated

Plus its been fun to check with our team mates and see how they are doing and rub it in when we (girls) win. We have 2 weeks of score posting to go and right now its girls 4 weeks, boys 3 weeks. The girls need to clinch 1 of the upcoming weeks to get the gold.

We'll let you know how we do.

In the meantime, off to the club!!