Friday, October 23, 2009

Kay's sings backup & Jimmy brings it to ya!

So our friend Will Hale has created this new awesome family musical experience. He is playing at the Cedar here in Minnespolis and having kids of all ages join him in a rock concert, family style. We were asked to help with the event and the kids decided they would do back up, well only Kay actually had the courage at the end of the day, but the rehearsals were great.

Kay, as you all know, really has no fears and when she jumps in & hangs on because ....she is going for it. She climbed on stage looked at Will and said "hit it" and that was how it is done. She was up there singing away to "Don't tell me it's easy growing up when your falling down" and she had a ball.

We needed to get one of those old fashioned long cane hook things they used in Vaudville acts to drag her off stage, not because she was no good, just the opposite and I think that Will was getting a little nervous sharing the stage with a 6 year old back up singer with an attitude.

Here is the you tube link: (keep in mind that Jimmy was our videographer)

Jimmy in the mean time has begun to branch out of his shell and statred to sing accoustic versions of his favorite you tube songs. He recently had become obseesed with The Blues Brothers , Soul Man, and really there is not much more that I can say than watch this: