Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random thoughts and posts

Wow, after our flurry of posts, we find that we havent posted in a week! You'd think it was dull and boring around here... Well, it is!! All our semi permanent friends are "home" for the summer, we havent had any visitors at work and none of our permanent friends have visitors either. So, that leaves us, just us. The 5 of us. No parties, no drama, no events, ... you get the picture.

So, you'd probably say, "sounds wonderful!! Some peace and quiet" Not so, as you can see from our former 200 blogs, we've become quite the adreniline addicts:)

What have we been busy doing? Planning parties, events, holidays but not drama (who can plan drama in any case??).

Instead of recapping what's happening, we thought we'd give you a heads up on what's coming up...
~ Jimmy has his 1st set of "official" exams next week, can you believe it?! 1st grade! Math Monday, Hindi Tuesday, English Wednesday, Environmental Studies Thursday and Spelling Friday. Whew!
~ Aunt Sue, God bless her soul, is coming to visit (1st repeat visitor!!!) so we have been industriously planning a 4 day adult only get away, a birthday party for her and Jimmy AND a 5 day trip to the lower himalaya's while she's here.
~ One of my coworkers is "going back" in Sept and wants a State Fair themed going away party. Enough said.

On top of that, I've had random thoughts about swimming. As background, last year was my year to try out yoga and running. Thank God I had Angela to see me through the year. I hate both activities, but due to her peer pressure, I did give it the old college try. Speaking of...I decided that this year is the "year of the fish". I decided to get back into swimming. Keep in mind, while I still consider myself a "swimmer" (after 10 years of competitive swimming ages 8-18), I actually havent swum on a regular basisi in 22 years. (you do the math). Yikes. Its hard. And Tiring. And somewhat Boring. And reaking havoc on my skin. But... I am doing it. I am out there 4-5 times a week at 8:00am suit, cap, googles, kickboard? in our beautiful outdoor pool. The reason that I say "kickboard?" is that for how gorgeous, wealthy and turned out our clubhouse is, it seems that there is only 1 kickboard in the whole place. One. One Thousand members and ONE kickboard. And... someone stole it last week. So, each day, I'd walk down, the people would nod, say "Good morning Ma'am" hand me my towel and kick board and I'd be off. Now... I still get the "Good morning Ma'am" and towel , but no kickboard. I asked why..."Its already at the pool Ma'am" ok.. I walk out to the pool. I am the ONLY breathing soul (note: the life guards here are scarce and I have bets that even if they WERE at the pool, they dont know how to swim as they all wear track clothes and Nikes) AND, there is no kick board to be found. This goes on a day or two... I ask again, and again. Then...finally a different answer... "Ma'am - Ray has the kickboard in his locker and he's on holiday" (Ray is the swim instructor). Ok, I'll buy it... Let's see how long Ray is on holiday... Any takers???

Ok, final random thought...check out this blog on traffic signs. Gotta love it.
Other news worthy road signs
~If ants can follow a queque why cant you?
~Speed thrills but also kills
~Drink and Drive, and you Die