Friday, July 04, 2008

Fishing Fever

We could not travel all the way back to Minnesota without going on the Annual father Son fishing trip. For the past 4 years or my buddies and their Sons have gone to lake Vermilion for a week long Father Son fishing and bonding event. This is the first year that Jimmy has been old enough to go and he was all smiles!

We started out early Saturday morning to stop by Brigid and Dennis's wedding reception. On the way we had McDonald's for breakfast which Jimmy gave the thumbs down except for the hash browns. we visited with the new Bride and Groom along with Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Kay and finally we set off to go " Up North".

Jimmy and I had about a 5 hour trip in front of us which gave us plenty of time to talk fishing strategy and plan where to hang the trophy mount we were going to catch. Then for the first time in his life Jimmy went to McDonald's again for lunch making it twice in one day," Wow Dad I cannot believe it, this is awesome".

We finally reached Tower and the camp. Carl and the boys, Johnny,Timmy and Charlie we waiting for us and we got our gear unloaded and had time to relax before we headed out. The first night was miserable as we only caught two fish. We had an early dinner and were in bed by 10:00 as both father and son were tired.

6:00 am came early and we were up and ready to go, that is Carl and I. We headed out to fish the surrounding bays as the kids were still asleep and we did not want to get out of sight of the cabin. It was Fathers Day and I was extremely happy to be out fishing and for having Jimmy finally make a trip. Carl and I caught several fish that morning and around 9:00 headed in to wake and feed the kids and us.

After breakfast it was off tho the races. Carl, Timmy,Jimmy myself and Charlie headed out in search of the elusive walleye and elusive it was, however we caught several nice small mouth, perch and the occasion MR. Toothy ( northern pike). Overall not a bad morning catch and a nice bunch of fish for the Father Son fish fry scheduled for later in the evening. Of course no fishing trip would be complete without the driving of the boat, constantly.

That afternoon the rains came it was cold. Jimmy and I donned all the clothes we brought and headed out with Tom Pearson for the early evening catch. We had some luck catching a few small walleye and then it hit. Jimmy was minding his own business when all of a sudden "Dad I got one." Ten strenuous minutes and several keep the rod tip up's, in came the biggest fish of his life. Yes a 22" Walleye, awesome! On that note we packed it in and headed back to camp to dry off and of course boast.

Dinner was awesome we had a great bonfire and the Dads had some bonding time and the kids did the dishes and then watched a movie. It was a short trip as the next morning Jimmy and had to get back to pack and catch a plane back to India. Having a couple of days hanging out with friends and having your son along on the firsttrrip was great. Not to mention the 22"walleye and outfishing the rest was too cool for school!

Catching up with The Hodaddy, TTT,Kriger, Rabs and Jumping Joe along with their boys was great and Jimmy and I are ready to return next year and teach them a thing or two about fishing again!!