Saturday, July 05, 2008

200 posts and 30 days

Wow, I was just reviewing our blog and realized that the Fishing blog was our 200th blog. 200 blogs in 2 years is about a blog every 3-4 days. Not bad for parents of 3. Let's see if we can get another 100 in before we leave and make it an even 300 in under 3 years.

(I just like this picture because its one of the few where Billy is actually smiling)

The 30 days home were amazing. Who knew you could squeeze 2 yrs of socializing in 30 days. Betty Ford, here we come!!

We had visitors (THANK YOU Mom & Dad, Sue and Jan & Jet) Its was so nice of you to come see us. The kids loved their time with you (at the park, at Target, eating Korean food, the lemonade stand and the splash park).

We had time with our family (Murphy's weekend, Memorial Day with Tracy's folks, a full week with Aunt Sue, Brigid & Dennis's wedding reception, swinging by to see Auntie Lynn, Dan, Sarah, Lola and Astrid, hanging out at Dan and Lisa's). It was awesome to reconnect with the cousins and realize that 2 years and 1/2 world doesnt really make any difference. We can all still just be ourselves and love each other.

Tom and I got to connect not only with our girl/guy friends (MS150, Sex in the City, Fishing Trip, Gretchen's graduation party, back deck time with Jim, date night with Mary/Terry and also Angela/Wade, great food and wine with Des/Greg) but loved the time we go to spend their kids. Jimmy and Kay keep asking why they cant play with Hayden, Lesia, Finn, Riley, Isiah, Henry, the Trimplets, Anders, Bjorn, Shin Bee, all the girl boat friendsetc... As Jimmy said "I like my friends in MN and India. But when I am in India, I miss my MN friends and when I am in MN I miss my India friends. Its hard". Billy dreams about Caden. I think that says it all.

Our neighbors rock. We got to solve the worlds problems with Tim/Patrick & Craig/Kristen a number of times on our back deck over a glass of wine. All I have to say is "I'm sorry our yard is an eye sore right now. I promise we'll get it back in shape when we are home" Also thanks to them for suggesting a remodeler and then spending an entire evening with us planning out what we should do on our kitchen remodel, even picking out hard wood floors and visualizing a new piano window:) (Call out to Lisa on this one too:) )

Finally, how could we have made it home without all the extra help we got with the house, the flooding, food, mail, car, etc...All the little things that let us just slip back into our lives effortlessly. Sandy/Leona for doing the dirty work on our basement flood. Pat/Tom B for the roofing help. Pat for guarding our wine:) Jim for having the forethought to have a meal ready when our plane landed. TOO thoughtful. Wendy for making sure we had clean sheets and food in the fridge (and now for handling our mail, no small feat it turns out) as well as ordering all the food for our party. Angela for making sure we had plenty of "Miller time" & fantastic food, both with kids, without kids , over lunch and over coffee. (A special BIG thank you to Grandma Jennifer and Grandpa Tom for babysitting:) My parents, Tom's parents and Sue for watching the kids when we were running around trying to get 2 years worth of banking, doctors appointments, house maintenence and tax stuff done in 4 weeks. Todd and Davin for letting us use their car, very brave of you given we have 3 kids!!

We were amazed at how much has changed and how much as stayed the same. Hwy 100 by 394 is totally tore up but Lion and Tiger park are exactly the way the kids remember it. All the kids have grown, but they still have the same sweet (and energetic) personalities. Our friends/family might have lost weight, gotten a new hair color, quit smoking (GO JIM) or found a new love, but they are still easy to talk to, understand us and ready to help at a simple phone call.
A big thank you to Greg and Des for making time for us and helping get us to the airport. Keeping us up to date on all the cool things happening around town and tempting us with an invitation for an awesome music related cruise next February...we will see!

We realize how lucky and blessed we are to have all these amazing people in our lives and how much we miss you every day that we are here.
Then, I realize how lucky we are here too. We have a great group of families the kids hang with every day both as a part of the Target family and Palm Meadows family. We have great friends that were willing to drop everything to say "goodbye" to Francis & the Vanderpools and welcome Carol and Gerald home (Petra, we are waiting for you with a big glass of champange!) Raj and Raju made sure the house was clean (Kay walked through the house saying "its gorgeous, just gorgeous, Raj did such a good job") and the car in perfect shape. Alex and Stacy for stocking our fridge with all the essentials, milk , curd, eggs,bread .

So, we are back. We are in the midst of planning Billy's Gotcha Day, Kay's birthday and as many more adventures and vacations as we can fit in before we go:)

Stay posted. We promise to keep the blog up to date and cant wait until we see you all again!!!

Love, Peace, Happiness and may you know how truly blessed you are (& then pay if forward:) )