Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Kay

It is with great pleasure we announce the 5th birthday of Baby Kay, Kay Kay or the Pook-a-rook - yes our little girl has reached the half decade plateau.

She has done quite a lot in this half decade probably more than most folks do in a lifetime. The girl is full blown all girl all the time. From Dora to Barbies to Little Mermaid to Cinderella Kay painting her nails changing her clothes, Kay is there. Not to mention her passion for painting and really any other liquid color medium to express herself.

The day started with Kay popping out of bed and greating the day with a smile. She came home from school and was mad about having to take a bath until Raj whispered something to her and off she went and came back down stairs in this and announced " Lets Party" and I like these new shoes.

It was with all this in mind we planned her Dora/Barbie/cupcakes with a face painter and arts and crafts station Birthday party. Now it is hard to find 5 year old girls in Palm Meadows let alone girls at all so Kay to "round" things out invited some 0f the boys too. The girl brigade consisted of Kay, Grace and Elise plus a couple of Moms. The boys we good sports and donned the face paint and actually participated in the arts and crafts fairly well.

Now as many of you know has has some what of a strange taste in food. Rather then submit the guests to fish eyes and bone marrow we talked Kay into a somewhat regular meal of butter noodles, hot dogs, green beans and fruit. Well Kay had a busy day and we think only ate chocolate, the chocolate she was to share with her class. There is a fabulous tradition her that when it is your birthday that you bring treats to share with the class, very nice. Kay sometimes forgets the share part. Anyway at one point during dinner she was shovelling butter noodles into her mouth with two forks. Very nice.

Then untrue to form Kay torn into her presents. She is usually the shy type of gift opener savoring the packaging and the thought that went into each gift, not tonight. She was using her hands, teeth and any other tool she could find to rip the gifts open, so unladylike. During the party Kay received a phone call from her friend Caden T Miller whom has moved back to the US but you can tell from this conversation he still has a chance!

The cupcakes were a big hit and the party was a smashing success. On a side note knowing this this is about Kay and her birthday I would be doing you the reader a dis-service if I did not mention the surprise showing of KISS, well not Gene Simmons et.all but rather a Korean, Cambodian and American version of the 70's icons, the picture explains it. (Watch out, Jimmy might be in a band, but all his friends are going to ask about Kay....)

The night finally drew to an end and Kay was all wrapped up in her blanket and asked, Mommy and Daddy "how long will I be the Pook-a-rook"? Your whole life honey, why? "Because I like being the only Pook-a-rook and mostly I Yove you".

We love you,to Pook and Happy Birthday.
(PS> Jimmy googled rock bands online and found some old 1973 Kiss live concert video. He is hooked. His comment ... wow, are they famous? They are GOOD! I... want to rock and roll all night... and party every day...)