Wednesday, July 02, 2008

MS 150 !!! (June 6-8)

Well, we MADE IT!!!

The ride wasn’t as hard as I expected but the 1st day was harder than the 2nd. Weird. We camped in Proctor (outside Duluth) on Friday night after a fantastic mexican feast. For the 1st time in memory, there wasn’t any frost or snow on our tent in the morning, yippee!!! We were on our bikes by 7am and headed into the wind ALL DAY...

Day 1 of the ride is on all on the gorgeous Munger Trail (old railway) and its just gorgeous pine forests, marshes and rivers. It really felt like being "home" with all the great up north scenary. We finished by 1pm and had visitors for the afternoon. Tom, Sue, the kids and Barb stopped by to bring food, drink and entertainment for the afternoon. Jimmy got a full fledged Darth Vadar costume (thanks Aunt Sue) and proceeded to walk around the camp ground "killing" people with this light sabar, it was pretty funny. Kay was dressed as Snow White (again, thanks Aunt Sue) and I think some of the riders thought it might be Halloween. Billy attacked every dog he saw with hugs and kisses. All in a all a nice family afternoon. Wendy and I could barely stay awake until 9pm when we both drifted off into an exhausted sleep.

Sunday morning saw us up bright and early and on our bikes by 6:45am. The day was PERFECT for biking, no sun, no wind and 60 degrees. We cruised!! We made record time all day and felt great! We even had one stretch where we were doing 21 miles/hr UP HILL!! That was too fun. We got to Blaine by about 12:15 and had time for a quick massage before we headed home. Kate and Laurie greeted us at the finish line (as is tradition) and Tom loaded up the car with our bikes and bags.

It was a great weekend.

Overall, there were 3,000 bikers, 1,000 volunteers and $2.7 million raised for MS. I cant think of a better way to spend 2 days:)

Love to you all! Heath, peace and happiness too!
I hope you all know how blessed and loved you really are,