Saturday, March 01, 2008

Home again Home again Finney Finn Finn

I am on the long long journey home. Its amazing how a crazy busy week in MN lends itself to passing out from exhaustion on the plane:)

I am on a MPLS to NY to Dubai to BGLR adventure. The flight from MPLS to NY was relatively uneventful. NW plane full of tall Norweigian Lutherns. Nice and quiet. I even took a nap!

Welcome to NY-JFK. This is an amazing airport, the diversity you see is absolutely amazing! I would probably even enjoy it more if I didnt have a 6 hr lay over. No worries, I was playing with the idea of grabbing the subway and heading into the Big Apple. I mean, heck, I have taken 8 kids and 9 adults on the subways of Seoul with no casualties and I dont even speak Korean! I mean, how hard could it be? I am American, I speak English, I have lived in India for 18 months. No problem, right?! Well, I chickened out. I start thinking about the 100+ emails in my Outlook, the fact that I havent spoken to my family during THEIR time zone in 18 months and the VERY VERY nice Emarites Business Class lounge. Luxury & work wins out over adventure so I spend 2 hours working, 3 hours chatting with family and an hour getting caught up on US politics while eating Filet Mingon, shrimp, bachlava and chocolate covered strawberries. Did I mention the full bar of GREAT wine and tasty champagne? Yes, all I need is a sun lamp and this is practically vacation!!

The flight to Dubai is awesome. They have 180 degree reclining beds, 150+ movies on demand, massage "zones" in the chairs and a never ending supply of big beefy cabs. Too bad I am too tired to enjoy any of this. I sleep for 7 hours. (For those of you who dont consider this luxury, read my day in the life blog. You'll realize any span of 7 hours of sleep that doesnt include a 3 yr hogging the blankets is practically nirvana). I wake in time to catch 1 movie and breakfast. "Enchanted". Angela, I wish I had bought you this movie. I LOVE it!! Holy cow was it a fun diversion.

Now I find myself in the Dubai airport for a 2 hr layover. It is probably the NICEST airport I have ever been to. Really. NY-JFK I now realize is white bread America Disneyland compared to this airport. The diversity and color and change blows your mind. There are sheiks, Indians, Eygptians, Israelis, Africans, Europeans, Asians...Just walking around I see flights to Kuwait, Tehran, Kubal, Mumbai, Islamabad, Bangkok, Karachi, Colombo, Muscat. I dont even know where 1/2 of these places are on the globe. Add to it, shops like Cartier, Hermes, TagHeuer along with gold gold gold and electronics. Everyone has the best, state of the art laptop and cell phone (make that Treo) Its humbling to be an American here. I feel so unworldly and unaware. This place is an amazing mix of East meets West and the wealth is unlike anything I have ever seen.

So, I am biding time, writing my blog and thinking about another glass of red. Yes, Tom, I did get 2 bottles of nice wine. I know you would probably choose better or differently, but I did my best.

I cant wait to get home, hug my kids, kiss my husband, gossip with Angela and sleep in my own, hard as a rock, but all my OWN bed.

Love to everyone!!!!