Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jimmy's Day

Usually I am sound a sleep and I hear this sound sort of like the sound that a car makes when it backs up or maybe a truck or something regardless it is quite irritating, still it continues until I realize it is my Dad telling to get out of bed. He is driving some kind of crane type thing in the middle of my bedroom and hooked to the cable is my left leg and he is dragging me out of bed and I say, " come on man it is too early" " it is 7:30 and time to get up, do you want me to drag you out of bed or carry ya?" Carry ya" and so it goes...

07:35 Mom I am starving can I have some scrambled eggs, three and can you make me some peanut butter toast while I wait, please and I did my homework last night can I have some chocolate milk too. Being that I am only 6 I have not yet figured out sentence structure and continue to rattle on and on but anyway, where are my eggs...

07:57 I am rushed into my school uniform because Saravana will be here at 08:00 to take us to school..Brush my teeth and fiddle around with some stuff, drive my Dad crazy trying to get dressed my Mom batty not paying attention finally I am in the car and on the way to school and I can rest for the first time of the day...parents

08:30 We arrive at Goplan National School where I am in prep and really like school. I have several friends and they are cool and sometimes we have play dates. I study pretty good and always get stars for math and English. My Mom and Dad think it is funny that I am the best in English in my class..Hindi is hard but I am learning the consonants and montras, in the US we call montras vowels. I sometimes have art or sports but most time I am learning using my brain and thinking a lot and I get a snack around 10:45 and Mom has learned not to pack junk food because my Ma' am gets mad at me...

12:30 Saravana and my Dad come and get us kids and we go home. Raj and Florence are always there when we get home and sometimes when I am really hungry Raj will make me green chicken I eat the whole thing. I also like red chicken and spicy meat and rice and the my favorite is Maggie's noodles, yummy yummy. I do not usually take a nap any more so while Raj and Florence get Billy and Kay fed and into bed for a nap my Dad and I go out to play.

12:30-4:00 I am usually trying to learn some kind of sport, badminton,soccer, baseball really any sport that involves me running or chasing something seems to be my Dads favorites! we sometimes give the sports a rest and we go off to the pool and swim and I even get french fries..
My favorite thing though is when I can go to my friend Gautums and have a play date, it is the best. Deedee, Gouthams nanny makes the best Maggies noodles and chicken nuggets even though I had lunch at home I can't help but to eat some.
Then we play and play and finally my Dad comes and gets me and we go back home because it is time for dinner.

4:45-7:30 I am mostly playing my new drums as LOUDLY as I can. I am getting pretty good and I also take lessons. I sometimes have homework and my Dad makes me do it before dinner. I also like to watch a movie and then I will also color with my brother and sister. We at times like to finger paint and that always ends up with Dad dragging us upstairs for showers/bath because I mean you can't just finger paint on paper with you brother and sister easy targets! Dad says that when we takes bathes at least the bathroom floor is really clean.Dinner is sometimes hard for dad because Billy and Kay are slow and picky eaters but not me. I like to have a couple of chicken burgers some frozen peas a couple of oranges or a pineapple along with a quart or 2 of water, YUMMY.

7:30-Onwards is usually taken up with painting or coloring and I sometimes play on the computer. I have a list of about 30 favorite websites that I keep adding to because I know how to log on search for spider man or any other superhero website and start defending the universe. I can not wait until June 13th because the new will be ready, I know this because I can now read and that is what it says.

Like all kids I resist going to bed until I am so tired that I fall asleep in a chair practicing my guitar.